Basic Liquid Latex
Basic Liquid Latex
Basic Liquid Latex
Basic Liquid Latex

From creating wounds to potentially scary monsters like zombies and whatnots, being a special effect (SFX) makeup artist is indeed a badass skill set.

Makeup planning and bringing characters to life is not something you can do overnight. It is a product of patience, hard work, and loads of trial and error. SFX artists do prosthetic makeups for hours until they finally achieve the character they wish to introduce to the world. May it be for horror, sci-fi, or even dramatic fantasy films, SFX makeup artists are indeed giving the audience the picture-perfect view of every character.

Although entering the SFX makeup artist market doesn't need certifications, most famous artists have a cosmetology background. It serves as their introduction to safe products to use and proper blending of tools.

So if you are planning to become one of these artists or just want to try out SFX makeup, you should have this Basic Liquid Latex as part of your toolset.

You might probably be asking, what does liquid latex have to do with SFX makeup? Well, liquid latex, once applied, creates layers of skin that result in more distinct body parts, open wounds, and other incredible overall body transformations. Depending on the prosthetics you wish to make, the sky is the limit with this 50 ml bottle of dark flesh tone liquid latex. It's a budget-friendly tool since it's economical to use. You only need to apply thin layers of it so you can use one bottle for different projects. But of course, that depends on the scope of your craft. The wider it is, the more latex liquid you need.

Don't forget to test a small amount of this product on your skin before doing your project. Some people are sensitive to latex components, and it can cause allergic reactions, so you have to be very careful. Also, latex liquid is a little bit sticky so try not to apply it to the hairy parts of the body. It can also ruin pieces of clothing, so you have to make sure you are wearing your working outfit when dealing with it.

Starting your SFX makeup journey soon? Don't forget to add this skin-tight liquid latex to your cart today!

Color/Type Dark Flesh Tone
Material Liquid Latex
Dimension Volume: 50 ml
Bottle Size:
Height: 3.54 inches (9 cm)
Diameter: 1.18 inches (3 cm)


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Basic Liquid Latex

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