Socks and Thigh Highs

Thigh Society: The Socks, Stockings, and Foot Fetish

Fetishistic plays are not always sexual. Believe it or not, it often involves non-sexual activities such as mere worshipping the object of desire.

One relatively common type of fetish is podophilia, the extreme liking towards someone's foot and footwear. Although not known as "foot fetish" back then, it’s said that devotion to someone's feet dates back as early as the 1200s. Such an obsession started when people tried to keep themselves chaste and clean at that time. Instead of involving themselves in penetrative and oral sex, people resorted to using their lover's other body parts as their objects of sexual release. Hence, the fetish for feet, socks, stockings, and boots has emerged.

This fetish includes but is not limited to using the foot and its accessories as a cum dump. Supporters of this act find it satisfying, too, when they use these objects to rub against their genitalia—or even just the bare skin. Smelling, licking, and wrapping their desired things around the body also fulfill their excitement.

As time evolved, people who fixate on feet devised different gears to satisfy their lustful needs. One significant advancement in this fetish was the use of rubbery, wet-look material to accessorize the feet. And with its quality, texture, and fragrance, latex is the best choice of enthusiasts—both men and women—to use as their preferred footwear material.

Today, latex is widely used in enhancing the looks of the lower limbs—from the legs to the toes. There now exist latex boots, ankle-high socks, stockings, and even toe socks. These are all designed to fulfill fetishists' urge to smelling, feeling, touching, and tasting feet and feet-related accessories. They are not only good as is. They also complement different latex dresses and costumes!

Should you need to know more, check our Latex Socks and Thigh Highs Collection below!

Types of Socks, Stockings, and Thigh Highs

Feet fetish do not only refer to obsession with the heels, soles, and toes. It includes the thighs and the legs, too. So, choose your favorite footwear among the available thigh-high stockings that vary in colors, sizes, and designs. You can also find ankle- and leg-high socks and toe covers for toe-suckers! All these will surely beautify your partner's feet and thighs!

First time to get a rubbery suit for you and your partner? Be guided by the steps on how to use latex clothing here. Also, find these instructions on maintaining and cleaning your latex gears helpful to keep them shiny and flawless—all the time!

Thigh Highs and Stockings

What sets one footwear apart from the other is its right fit to its wearer. If it is too loose to the thighs and legs, it brings discomfort, and quite frankly, makes your overall look unfashionable and trashy. And so, latex foot and leg outfits are here to save your day. Depending on which look you want to achieve—may it be seductive, demure, classic, or vintage—these latex gears, such as stockings and thigh-highs, will surely beautify your whole ensemble!

In this collection, you can find vast choices of latex stockings and thigh highs. But before anything else, what is the difference between the two? The answer lies in their lengths. Stockings are those which are above the knees but will not cross over the middle of the thighs. A gear crossing beyond that point is a thigh-high.

While they all vary in size—small, medium, large, shape—with toes and toeless, and style—fishnets, opaque and transparent, these pieces of rubber-made footwear also share similarities. Like, for example, they all possess an exceptionally glossy, wet-look finish that they bounce back light rays. See this Transparent Wet Look Stockings as a reference. It’s so much better than footwears made of nylons!

They all look so frictionless that it seems like silk will easily glide on its surface once you drop one on them. They are all stretchy and elastic, too, allowing them to conform to any body type. Some come in one-size-fits-all, while most have specified dimensions that help you choose which size fits you. Plus, these versatile pieces are not gender-specific as they cater to men, women, and what have you. Most of these products are for women, but there exist items for men, too, like those ankle- and leg-high socks.

Designed primarily for fetishists who love the appeal, fragrance, and texture of latex, these lovely rubber sheets are enjoyed by fashionistas too. Non-BDSM players can use them as a perfect accessory to heighten their style. You can match them with your favorite leather tops, then strut like a high-end model. Or, wear it with a micro-mini skirt or shorts, and show the world who's got the long legs! Whether you choose a black, red, pink, or clear latex covering for your lower limbs, you will surely be a head-turner in the crowd as you wear these stockings and thigh-highs.

If you are a newbie to this kind of apparel, wearing is as easy as A-B-C. Imagine yourself wearing your socks—that's how easy it is worn. But as these are pants-long and skin-tight, applying super fine talc powder or silicone-based wet lube to your skin helps you slide the gear more seamlessly.

Elegance, comfort, and convenience—these are all that you are looking for in your latex thigh-highs and stockings. You can find all these nowhere else but here!

Socks and Toe Socks

If you, or your partner, are not blessed with long, slender legs, you might as well consider showing off some skin down there. Flaunting your bare skin creates an illusion of longer limbs. Try using shorter footwear like a sock. And if you are looking for a way to make the legs and feet sexy as hell, get these latex socks!

These apparels offer luxury and beauty like no other. Some come in a matte finish, while most have this shiny look, like these Shiny Rubber Socks. They are available in leg-highs or ankle levels, with some having toe covers on them. They come in different glossy, sexy colors, too, like those stockings and thigh-highs. Unlike your loose nylon and cotton covers, these rubber-made foot gloves are so snug-fitting that they take the shape of the feet at all their curves and edges.

Wear it like a pro! As they are super tight, make sure to ease the process of wearing them by applying talc powder onto your feet, including the clefts between the toes. Use them not more than 24 hours, or your skin might get too soaked from the sweat inside the socks, which might cause wrinkling of the soles and heels. If you need to ask how to take off these rubber socks, it’s easy. Just roll them outward to remove them from your feet.

Use it on your non-penetrative sexy sessions where your partner worships your feet as you put on these rubber footies. But for the record, not only is it used by foot and latex lovers. Anyone who loves socks can get them!

Fulfill your fetish for foot and its accessories. Male or female, whatever gender you may have, measure your foot now and choose which style fits you. Get the red if you're feeling devilish, or black if you are the classic one!

Three Materials for Your Shiny Socks, Stockings, and Thigh Highs

Before getting your desired gear, identify which is genuine and not. Know that you can choose from the three possible materials that make socks and thigh-highs. There exist natural, synthetic, and blended latex. The material used on your preferred product drives how much it could be.

Natural latex is always the priciest due to the intricacy of the processes that it undergoes. Some even go through a chlorination process to enhance the texture and quality. Wet look thigh-highs and stockings can be made of synthetic materials such as faux leather and vinyl, hence they are cheaper. If you choose the authentic one, make sure to check whether you have allergies to latex.

The Footwear for Everybody

BDSM player or not, you've got to try these Latex Socks and Thigh Highs! And once you have them, match those newly-transformed, sexier-than-ever legs with your desired lingerie and underwear. Remember to take good care of your latex gears so you can use them as often as you need! Get yours now!