Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex: Body Paint Has Never Been Sexier

Finally, here's a body art that not only looks exquisitely alluring but holds your body like a second skin as well. Indeed, painting your skin with liquid latex gives your birthday suit a new, sexy and vivid look.

Your bare skin already looks pretty, but coating it with vibrant shades of color will make you stand out more. And while there are lots of materials you can use, it's still best to use elements gifted to us by Mother Nature. Good thing, liquid latex is a nontoxic material extracted from tall rubber trees. It is generally considered vegan, and its inherent elasticity also makes it a suitable medium for manufacturing glue, catsuits, and hoods.

True enough, wrapping your body with liquid latex has a self-hugging feeling. That's why some people who can't help developing a fetish for this lustrous material are called rubberists. And because latex in its liquid form will have direct contact with your skin, you need to check if you have any reaction to latex or rubber.

It's one-time use only, and if you're worried about the removal process, don't worry because after reading this piece and learning more about liquid latex, you'll see that it's just as easy as one-two-three.

You Won’t Believe All the Ways You Can Use Liquid Latex: Makeup, Costumes, and More!

Liquid latex is so versatile that it has many uses. You've probably already seen a post-apocalyptic movie swarmed with zombies or a sci-fi film with alien-like creatures. Well, making these hair-raising creatures come to life can be made possible by liquid latex makeup. Its realistic texture makes it a perfect material for making prosthetic makeup that shows a bloody flesh wound or cut, perfect for enhancing the gore of a scene.

And because liquid rubber is also non-toxic, it's safe for use in covering the entire body. Using liquid latex is like wearing a skin-tight outfit or rubber glove on your body, and it feels just like regular clothing. But of course, you need to avoid areas like eyes, nose, mouth, and other orifices that can be an entry point to your body, as liquid latex is for external use only.

And because it's suitable for use as body paint, you can get crazy with your ideas and decorate your- or your friend's body with a superhero-themed design. Or perhaps, something scary and squeamish for a Halloween costume. But who's to stop you from creating kinky and naughty art for adults? Go ahead and get crazy with your imagination.


Have you ever bought a spandex costume you liked so much, but the moment you put it on, it doesn't hug your body the way you want? Well, say goodbye to these superhero frustrations, as using liquid latex for your cosplay needs will ensure that your costume fits you tightly.

You can't be at your best superhero persona if you're wearing a loose-fitting outfit. Whether you want to be a hero or an anti-hero, using liquid latex as body paint to embrace your cosplay character is the best way to make sure you can strut and rescue people with style.


Show your love and support for your favorite team by wearing their colors. And by wear, we mean. . .wear. Indeed, painting your face or body when attending a final match is an intense way of uplifting your favorite player's morale. Soccer, football, or baseball; there's no design or sports uniform that liquid latex can't do.

Be the sexiest and naughtiest cheerleader by wearing nothing but latex paint on your torso. Wear a short skirt and hold out a pair of fluffy pompoms. For sure, you'll boost your team's confidence in winning the game. Moreover, you'll stand out in the crowd of fans.

Halloween Costumes

What's your favorite Halloween costume? Do you like something bloody and gory, like axed face makeup? Or something kinky, like dressing up as a nurse or policeman? Whatever your answer is, one thing's for sure. You'd like your costume to be realistic and perfect-fitting. Both are achievable by using liquid latex.

Liquid latex can help you create lifelike wounds to scare people away. You can even make it look fleshy by mixing flour paste. Alternatively, you can use it as a captivating costume. If you or your lover prefer the latter, you should stash some liquid latex body paint and have an erotic costume party, even when it's not Halloween.


There's nothing else that drives your partner crazier than when you're wearing a skimpy bikini. You, on the other hand, feel sexier and more confident in the body-hugging texture of latex. Well, why not satisfy both your fancies by painting your body with liquid latex in the design of a bikini?

If it's a skin-tight bikini you want, it's a skin-tight bikini you'll get with the help of liquid latex. You can even choose the style, cut, or color you like the most. It is so tight-fitting, it will feel like you're wearing a rubber glove, only it's a lot sexier and vibrant.

Where To Buy?

Now that you know the numerous uses of latex, you're probably thinking about where you can get liquid latex or what you need to know before buying your first bottle of liquid latex.

First, let us tell you what to avoid. You should avoid liquid latex with high water content because it makes the product more difficult to use and dries slower, resulting in a less detailed output and poor functionality.

It's best to opt for liquid latex with less ammonia and color additives as these compounds can trigger skin reactions. Flesh-colored variants are available. Tinting liquid latex depends on your intent of using it, so better do your research.

Your Guide To Using Liquid Latex

Getting crazy with your body paint using these colorful liquid latex sure sounds like child's play. But there's more to it than putting paint on a blank piece of paper. There are some precautionary measures on how to use it. First, you need to check if you or the person who will wear liquid latex has an allergic reaction to it. Do a quick skin test by putting a small amount of liquid latex under your ear and wait for a few minutes. If there's no sign of reaction after application, then you can proceed with using the product. However, if redness or irritation starts to develop, wash that skin area immediately. Avoid using the product as well.

Once you have gone through this process and ensured that you're safe to proceed, it's time to prep your skin. Wash the surface thoroughly and make sure that it's dry. If it's a hairy body bit like the crotch area, shave it first before application. Also, there are products that you can apply to help prime the surface and help remove your second skin with ease.

After prepping the skin, you can now transform your pale skin or face and give it a colorful or scary look. This material, however, is a little thick for some airbrushes, but since it's self-leveling, you can use a brush or sponge. If the layer looks too thin, you can add more layers to increase the opacity. Depending on the size, you can wait from eight up to twenty minutes between each layer.

It usually takes a quart to cover an entire body from head to toe. If you're going after a more detailed layout, like DIY zombie makeup or flesh wound for a Halloween party, you can check some tutorials online to get more tips. Furthermore, always check the label and ensure that the product you're using is not yet expired.

You can get clear, transparent, or flesh-colored liquid latex. But of course, if you want to create a colorful and naughty look, you can use liquid latex pigment to make your art look more vivid and vibrant. Add half an ounce of liquid latex pigment for every quart of liquid latex. Make sure to work quickly and stir them together. If needed, you can add more until you achieve the desired color.

Wearing liquid latex is similar to wearing a rubber glove. Your skin can still breathe under it, which means you can wear it for hours. However, twelve hours may sound like pushing it. When it's time to remove it, it is best to use body wash with warm water to help loosen the surface before peeling it away.

Clean Up Is Easier Than You Think

After serving its purpose, it's time to remove your second skin. Don't worry, as it doesn't look as gruesome as when a snake sheds its skin. In fact, it's as easy as one-two-three. Here's how to remove liquid latex.

Warm water with body wash or soap can help dissolve latex. Gently massage the area to help lift latex. Nowadays, you can also get products intentionally made for this purpose.

Once the latex feels loose or lifted from your skin, you can start peeling it off gently. Using your fingernails, you can pluck an edge and slowly start peeling from there. A warm washcloth can help soothe the skin while going through this process. Don't worry because your body's sweat and natural oils will help strip the latex skin.

Rinse the area with warm water after completely peeling off the latex body paint. Liquid latex is from the rubber tree, making it biodegradable, so dispose of it accordingly.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get liquid latex out of fabric, so make sure to avoid getting it in contact with your clothing, furniture, or carpeted floor.

Likewise, do not get some on your hair, as the only way to remove it will be to shave it off.

Is It Safe?

Latex is a material extracted from rubber trees, making it non-toxic and safe to use on the skin. It is not highly flammable, either. As long as you're sure you don't have any allergic reaction to latex, you can wear it for as long and as often as you desire.

With proper skin preparation before application, and if you don't sweat a lot while wearing your second skin, you can prance in your beautiful body art all night long. Depending on how still or active you are while wearing liquid latex, your second skin will last, and it can take several hours before it starts to lift off from your skin.

To maximize the shelf life of your liquid latex bottles, make sure to keep the lid tight when not in use. Keep it at room temperature, and don't expose it to extreme heat or freezing temperature. After a year, liquid latex will start to get thicker. If stored for a long time, it can get clumpy, so it's better to shake it from time to time.

Complete Your Body Transformation

Indeed, there's no persona or character that liquid latex can't do. You can also complete your superhero look by wearing a matching pair of boots or shoes. You might also be interested in getting yourself a latex catsuit, mask, or hood. Browse through these collections now!