Latex Clothing

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The Surprisingly Sexy Latex Clothing Fetish

Considered the most sensual fabric, latex is unique in its own right. The material has a distinctive look, smell, feel, and sound, which rubberists have fallen for. But before it became popular among kinksters, the material was originally used to manufacture protective clothing items like gas masks and Wellington boots. From this point on, it made its way to becoming the most beloved clothing fabric in BDSM. You’ll appreciate your rubber suit more if you know where it all started.

In the eyes of a fetishist, nothing looks more sexually arousing than a partner garbed in latex. Others who fetishize shiny rubber take extreme sensual pleasure in donning rubberwear. Related to this fetishism is vinyl fetishism. Why latex and vinyl (also referred to as PVC or PU) are fetishized is the fact that they form a second skin, giving the wearer a naked-but-not-naked look. Also, the thin layer of latex makes every touch an intimate contact while effectively creating separation between the wearer and the other person.

Women in latex catsuits can be the fiercest-looking dommes. But, ladies aren’t the only ones who are into latex; all genders do. Even crossdressers can’t resist the temptation of the lush fabric. Rubbermen is a term created to refer to gay rubberists. Latex fetish wear knows no gender, no wonder every kinkster in town would love to have a piece of it. It’s no longer considered strange ; hence. it shouldn’t hide in dungeons and fetish clubs.

Any tight-fitting rubber outfit will smooth out curves, flatter bums, and lift boobs, making latex ladies a sight to behold. Kinksters are also aroused by men's sex clothes made of latex. Form-fitting bodysuits like those of the Avengers will surely flatter a masculine body figure.

Wear your fetish, and fulfill your fantasies and desires while clothed in rubber. Explore more into the world of latex and suit up soon!

The Wide World of Latex Outfits and Fashion

Kim Kardashian has walked the red carpet draped in layers of shiny, tight-fitting latex outfits a few times. But it isn't just Kim who has boldly worn rubber in public. Many stars have dauntlessly flaunted their rubberwear, too.

But before taking the limelight in Tinseltown, latex made its major debut with Mackintosh, not as a fashionable piece of clothing but as a raincoat. To drive sales, they advertised the product in magazines featuring attractive female models. This marketing move could have been the catalyst for the Mackintosh Society, whose members fetishized the rubber coats.

Only until recently, rubberwear gained popularity, thanks to Hollywood celebrities! Contemporary designers have come up with brilliant sexy outfit ideas, turning latex fetish wear into glam clothing on red carpets and runways. With latex clothing becoming a high-end fashion, putting on one doesn’t feel like wearing a full-body condom anymore. Now seen as an edgy fashion trend, latex apparel designs now run the gamut from women's clothing to menswear to all genders. Click this link to learn more about latex in the world of fashion.

Cosplays also drive the demand for rubber clothing. Uniform? Cape? Apron? Robe? Kimono? The list goes on! But apart from being costumes at cosplay events, these latex garments can be worn as fetish clothes, too. Take, for example, the Sexy Mistress Tight Catsuit. The way it traces the natural contour of the body is impeccable. Check out the Glistening Latex Leggings and the Stunning Tight Latex Dress, as well, for your fashionista and fetishista look.

Stretchy, smooth, and slinky, latex clothing material is normally between 0.25mm and 0.8mm thick. It's either chlorinated or unchlorinated; thus, it can be shiny or matte in a wide array of colors. The popular ones are black, red, blue, pink, purple, white, and transparent or see-through. Truly, no other fabric can best combine both worlds of fetish and fashion like latex does!

Here’s How to Wear and Take Off Latex

Before buying your very first latex wear, make sure that it fits you right; otherwise, you'll end up regretting your purchase. Read this comprehensive guide to help you choose your rubber garment.

Putting on latex clothing and taking it off can be done with ease if you learn the art of rubber wearing. Watching videos of men or women wearing latex clothing items can give you a better idea of how it’s done.

You can opt for a chlorinated latex garment if you wish to skip silicone lube or talc powder. You can put it on and take it off the way you would with a cotton outfit.

Making Latex Clothing in Different Colours and Sizes

What is latex made of? Believe it or not, latex fabrics come from trees, specifically rubber trees, which were found only in the Amazon. Today, these trees flourish in plantations in South East Asian countries.

That red rubber outfit you covet started its journey from a milky white liquid transported from a farm. Rubber garments can either be latex sheet-based or latex-molded. In creating rubber clothes from latex fabric or sheet, patterns are selected and measurements adjusted according to the sizes provided by customers. The sheet is cut manually; then, the seams are joined together using latex glue. On the other hand, latex-molded clothing pieces are made by immersing a mold into a large tub of liquid latex, resulting in seamless rubberwear. You see, finding plus-size latex clothing isn’t hard to find because rubber clothes and accessories are created with a range of sizes in mind.

To look sexy in latex, color matters. Latex colors are exhaustive, and thankfully, this naturally translucent material can be dyed in any shade.

Is latex natural, or is it plastic? It's definitely natural, but be aware that not all latex products have the same texture. Looking for an easy-to-wear rubber piece? Choose chlorinated latex. It will slide smoothly on the skin.

More Than Just Latex: Vinyl, PVC, and Spandex

While latex and leather are kings in BDSM, not everyone can enjoy wearing an outfit made of these materials. Wearing them can cause skin rashes or life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Quite thankfully, only less than 1% of the population in the US has an allergic reaction to latex. If you're one of the very few, don't give up on dressing up to impress during a BDSM sesh, as other alternatives can also serve as a second skin. PVC (vinyl) clothing and sexy spandex garments, undergarments, and clothing accessories are readily available for kinks and streetwear.

Vinyl or PVC is made of synthetic materials. It's flexible, rich, and soft to the touch. Spandex is also made from man-made fibers and is known for being elastic, lightweight, soft, and smooth. Kinksters also like the feel of high-quality faux leather on their skin.

Synthetic leather, spandex, and PVC fabrics can be manufactured with wetlook, glossy shine. They can look as fabulous as latex, but they don't come at a hefty price tag. Laidtex is more than just latex. It offers a variety of material options so that you can look as kinky, without worrying about allergies.

Wear Your Confidence

Slave or master, you deserve to shine. Put on a stunning catsuit or a bodysuit to flaunt every curve you have and make sure your partner's eyes never wander. Or perhaps wear a pair of rubber leggings and pants with your favorite top or shirt. With latex clothing care, dressing up for play is made fun and easy!