Latex Care

Take Care of Your Latex, and It Will Take Care of You

Latex—who doesn’t love to wear them? This fabric is shiny that it adds appeal to the wearer. It also fits like a glove as it highlights the natural curve of the body. Thus, it boosts the user’s confidence and makes them look hotter, not just in the eyes of their partners but also in public.

But achieving and maintaining that look is no magic. Let’s begin with how these clothes are made. In making latex clothing, the fabric—which is rubber—will undergo three stages. It will start with a design. A pattern is chosen and adjusted to the measurements given by the supplier. Then, the sheet is placed on a flat board to cut the design out. Lastly, these pieces of fabric are joined together using latex glue. Once the garment is ready, it’s now up for sale, and it’s in the buyer’s hands to take care of it.

Like making latex apparel, working with this fabric is no joke either. Besides washing these garments properly, wearing and polishing latex-based clothing requires a lot of work. If you’re new to wearing such apparel, don’t worry. The information you’re about to read may seem a lot to take in, but it will guide you on how to care for and preserve your rubber garments.

This Is How to Wash and Clean Latex Clothing

The best way to wash latex gear is through handwashing. That’s because this material is delicate. With just one scratch or even a tiny hole, it could damage the whole ensemble.

So to clean this apparel, the first thing you’ll have to do is check how dirty the clothes are. If they have no stains or oil, washing your rubber clothing with lukewarm water is enough to remove sweat and odor.

However, if you applied lubricant or natural powder all over your body or the clothes had stains, mild detergents should be enough to clean your garments. These agents aren’t just for your latex apparel, for they can clean clothes made from leather and vinyl, too. In addition, they can remove stubborn elements without harming your skin. But if you’re allergic to cleansing agents, mild shampoo can also do the trick. Like mild detergents, this cleaner can work with PVC and other non-latex materials. It can also eliminate stains, lubricants, sweat, and powder without irritating your sensitive skin.

Once you have all the cleaning agents with you, you can now start washing your apparel. For detailed steps on how to clean latex, you can click this and read this article.

Here Are the Best Latex Shiners, Polishers, and Sprays

Like any other clothes, garments made of rubber will lose their beauty over time. They will get dull and look matte due to washing and wearing them. Good thing Laidtex is here to offer you products that work! This collection of latex care items will revitalize the perfect shine that you miss in your apparel.

Let’s start with the latex shiner. This shining agent will preserve the natural gloss of your garments, no matter how many times you wash and wear them. To use this product, you need to clean the clothes and dry them well. With the use of a soft cloth, rub the formula on the clothing’s surface. Do it gently to prevent scratches. You don’t want to damage your favorite racy clothes, do you? Exactly! Leave your freshly polished outfits to dry, and it’s ready to be re-used.

Besides the shiners, there’s also an oil-based latex polish. This latex polishing solution will make your favorite gear shiny and last for years to come!

Like the first product, you have to make sure that the garment is clean and dry. Squirt a coin-sized amount of liquid onto your fingers and rub it all over the clothing and be sure to spread it evenly. Leave it for a few minutes to dry, and your outfit is ready to wow everyone with your look!

Last—but most certainly not the least—is the latex spray. This easy-to-use polishing agent will condition your clothes’ and even your accessories’ luster. Just hold the bottle at least 12 inches away from your belongings and start spraying the solution all over.

All these products—and other items in this collection—will bring back the lost shine of your latex garments. Your choice of application is up to you how you want to shine your latex stuff or how long the gloss will last.

Three Ways to Put On and Wear Latex Clothing and One to Avoid

You’ve washed and polished your latex outfits—and now, it’s time to rock these clothes. But putting these on is not easy. You can’t just wear them like how you do with your other garments since they are fit and thin. With just one wrong pull to your latex clothes, you could tear them. Clearly, you don’t want it to happen!

That’s why you have to prepare your body or your clothes first before trying on latex. You can slick your body, powder it, or treat the garment itself!

If you like to be greasy, applying a silicone lube is the best method. It will help you slide into the outfit with ease and allow you to wear it for long periods. Just make sure that you don’t put any oil-based dressing aid onto your clothes’ surface, as the mixture of silicone and oil can damage the fabric.

But if you don’t like to feel slippery underneath this body-conforming garment, powdering your body is the best solution. Like the lube, sprinkling powder all over your body can make the dressing-in process less tricky.

But avoid using talc powder. In 2008, alarming news spread all over the world regarding the use of this product. Many people claimed that they got cancer because of talc. Even if there’s still no solid proof of whether or not it is safe to put baby powder in your underwear or catsuit, it’s best to be on the safe side, so use cornstarch instead. It’s safer than talc as it’s all-natural.

The last method is treating your latex-made clothing. This process is the simplest yet the most complicated way of putting on rubber garments. It’s the easiest method because you don’t need to apply any product all over your body just to wear such clothing. You can put them on like how you do it with your other clothes. However, it’s the most complex—and probably the most expensive—approach since you can't do it on your own. You need a professional’s help to treat your rubber-based garments.

Once your body—or your get-up—is ready, then you have no reason not to wear them! Go ahead, and wear your latex clothes. Pair them with your denim pants and booties and wear accessories for an eye-catching look—or match them with your other latex-based garments to bring out your fiery side. Just be sure to follow the instructions provided by this article on how to wear latex for a comfortable wearing experience.

Repairing Latex Clothing Is Easier Than You Think

Just like their shine, their quality diminishes, too. You’ll tear your rubber-made clothes, especially if you wear them too often. Fortunately, you can still fix them by getting the best latex repair kit.

Start by cleaning the surfaces with rubbing alcohol, then buff them with sandpaper to enhance the strength of the bond. Apply glue, but do it one part at a time, as latex tends to curl up while patching them up. But don’t worry! It will uncurl once it starts to dry. Press them together while the adhesive is still tacky and wait for a couple of hours before testing the patch.

Get Ready to Steal Everyone’s Attention With Latex Clothing!

Now that you know all these pieces of information, there’s no stopping you from wearing or buying more latex clothes! If you’re searching for latex clothing, then check this collection out. Other than clothes, there’s also footwear and bondage tools, all made of latex! All you have to do is pick what you want and add them to your cart!