All You Need is Glove: The Surprising Medical Glove Fetish

Black or red, plain or with embellishments, a pair of latex gloves are seductive pieces that will turn every touch luxuriously decadent. In ancient Egypt, only noblewomen and pharaohs were seen wearing hand protectors. Today, these hand covers are readily available in different materials and are accessible for everyone. Interestingly, latex medical gloves are not just found in hospitals. They’re also used behind closed doors because many are addicted to using them to get that sweet sexual gratification.

Perhaps you love the way gloved hands feel as they stroke your lips down to your most private region or just prefer the sight of your partner’s hand wrapped in latex. And if you can’t resist putting your hands into a pair during sex, then you are a fetishist. Cheirophilia or hand fetishism is closely related to glove fetishism, so don’t be surprised if you are so crazy about rubber glove-covered hands that gracefully move.

There are many types of fetish gloves on the market. Surgical gloves are a necessity in medical-themed scenarios where penis plugs and enemas are the favorite tools. Meanwhile, captivating lingerie gloves designed elegantly make dommes look hotter than hell.

The obsession with gloves and attraction to the hands mostly begin in one’s childhood. Some girls get fascinated with latex opera gloves, but no matter your sexual orientation or your age, you may have this obsession with a pair.

Rubber gloves are used extensively in bondage play. Many players enjoy the glove-over-mouth scene as it’s deemed exceedingly erotic. Their excitement also heightens when they strangle their partner with their latex-wrapped hands. Other crime-inspired BDSM scenarios also necessitate putting these on as accessories.

People who don’t practice BDSM can also enjoy the touch of a gloved hand. Put on a latex glove on your dominant hand and spank your partner. They'll love the sound as much as the sensation, and your whore will be begging for more.

How to Choose the Right Fetish Glove for You

With a sea of options, choosing a pair can be tedious. So get to know more about these special accessories and, hopefully, get enlightened on what styles you should buy.

Rubber hand covers are made for everyone, and gay latex gloves are as lovely as women's. Sissies take delight in sexy, feminine hand wraps, but that doesn't mean there are no masculine gloves for the tough guys.

Some fetishists prefer particular lengths such as long opera-style, short cuff, or fingerless. Learn the art of putting on latex clothing and keeping it fresh and well-maintained because you want to keep it shiny and long-lasting.

Short Gloves and Mittens

A latex outfit isn't complete without matching sleek hand covers. For your French maid costume or police officer uniform, what you need is a pair of short-cuffed rubber gloves. These short ones pair up best with sleeved or long-sleeved garments.

Versions of these include mittens and fingerless gloves that are highly recommended for those with long nails. While most are plain black, others have linings or heart-shaped cutouts just like the Heart Breaker Latex Gloves. Red ones look just as stunning and sexy.

Gloves can be made of cloth, nitrile, leather, or PVC, but for rubberists, nothing feels more luxurious than latex.

Long and Elbow Length Gloves

Whether you are the slave or the dominant in your relationship, a pair of long latex or opera gloves will match up nicely with a sleeveless or strapless top, dress, and swimsuit. These shiny and tight rubber pairs make a nice contrast with your bare shoulder, creating a sexy silhouette.

Long gloves, also known as evening gloves, give substantial covering to the forearms with their elbow length. Longer ones, which extend to the upper arm, are called opera gloves. These may come plain and simple, complete with five sheaths for all the fingers. But those with linings and trimmings like the Ruffled Long Black Latex Gloves redefine elegance. Your slave will love the feeling of being spanked with hands in these glossy latex wraps. To showcase your nicely done nails, you can opt for fingerless ones.

These hand-to-arm covers can be made of lace, PVC, or leather, but nothing embraces the skin the way latex does. The rubber clings tight, and though it's smooth and shiny, it still requires the application of cornstarch or silicone lube so you can slip your fingers and arms with so much ease.

Make every touch extra sensual and erotic during your BDSM sessions by donning a pair of arm-length rubber gloves. If Kim Kardashian rocks in glossy latex, you, too, can wear a pair of long or opera gloves to clubs, parties, or cosplay events. They look best when matched with boots or clothes made of the same material. Red or black, they look stunningly gorgeous!

Dominatrix and Mistress Gloves

No hands can be sexier than those wrapped in latex, and these rubber gloves feel amazing when they fit well.

Make your BDSM scenarios extra hot with the Bold Black Latex Gloves. These covers will make you look the baddest and the meanest dominatrix, especially when you start spanking your sub. Plain, simple, seamless! Pair it up with a super tight rubber halter or strapless mini-dress in white, red, or any color of your liking because black pairs up nicely with any shade. Gloss them with silicone lube to make them shiny.

Four Popular Colors and Two Materials to Choose From

Look stunning with your favorite color because latex gloves come in different hues. The most popular are black, red, pink, and purple. Hand wraps in these colors are a show-stopper. If you want that nude, sexy look, flesh-colored elbow-length hand covers are available.

While many are hooked on latex, others have an allergy to it. If you can't don any piece of rubber clothing or accessory, then a great option is vinyl. It can be shiny and stretchy, too, and it costs less.

When buying latex pieces, be sure you're getting the best quality because not all rubber is created equal. If you’re interested in wearing chlorinated latex, here’s more information.

Wrap Those Hands!

Busy hands need the best covers. Wrap them in latex gloves to heighten the intensity of their sensuality. Plenty of options await; all you need is to check out the collection and pick. Don’t forget to match your new gloves with libido-boosting lingerie. And remember to give your latex pieces some TLC.