Latex Jackets and Coats

The Latest Sexy Trend in Coats and Jackets

The shift of rubberwear from fetish to fashion is a crossover that's long overdue. The history of latex clothing and how it was able to break out from being a taboo to the popularity it now revels in is a success story in its own right. Thanks to various high-class designers and A-listers in the fashion industry, latex squeaked its way from the four corners of the bedroom to the red carpet. People's interest in wearing latex as part of their casual and everyday outfits has been increasing exponentially, with Hollywood celebrities slaying it left to right to show them how it's done. Latex fashion now enjoys its fair share of glitz and glamour, from costumes to bodycon and gowns to suits. And it's safe to say that it is here to stay.

Combining rubber with other materials to strengthen them is an existing practice that dates back to the 19th century. This process is mainly used for protective clothing, but it did not take long before wearers discovered its appeal and what it could offer, both practically and sensually. With the new height that it has reached, the material that was once the go-to in making dull raincoats and boots gets a glow up. Fetishists rave about latex coats and jackets and how they complete every dominatrix's wardrobe.

If you're looking for ways to level up your BDSM sessions, then it's about time you get to try the unconventional magic of latex and see where it takes you.

The Difference Between Jackets and Coats

Choosing the appropriate jackets and coats can be confusing. All you know is that you wear it if it gets chilly outside. And no one is blaming you. It's all fine. But since your wardrobe is about to get filled with awesome rubber goodness, we're here to help you distinguish the two.

Simply put, the answer is in the length. If it falls at hip length, it's a jacket. But if the outerwear stops at mid-thigh or further, what you have is a coat.

If the length is all that matters, you can absolutely use it to your advantage. On your next sexy schedule, wear a black rubber jacket and pair it with your favorite black undies. You can even go all out and layer your birthday suit with a raunchy trench coat. There’s no limit to the sensual effect that latex can offer, and with proper storage and aftercare, the kink won’t stop!

Suit and Puffer

Latex is a very versatile material, but you might still be surprised to know that there are various puffer and suit jackets made of rubber available in the market. These jackets come in different colors, and because you have the option to polish latex, you can wear them as shiny as you want.

A Puffer jacket is quilted with duck or geese feathers for insulation. A must-have item during winter, this kind of jacket was created in 1936 by an outdoor adventurer named Eddie Bauer. He came up with the idea after a fishing trip gone wrong where he almost died of hypothermia. Decades later, this garment is a popular choice when cold seasons come because it looks great for layering. It's no wonder that designers and manufacturers soon thought of making latex puffer jackets, knowing rubber is also one of the best insulators.

If casual jackets aren't your thing and you have James Bond pinned in your lookbook, then you know that "suiting up" is the only way to go. Now, there are two kinds of suit jackets: single-breasted and double-breasted ones.

Single-breasted types mostly have two or three buttons. On the other hand, only the outer buttons in double-breasted suit jackets are functional. These four buttons usually resemble a square. But it does not matter what your preference is. When it comes to picking the perfect suit, you must make sure that you will stand out. Lucky for you, you don't need to buy an expensive tailor-made outfit to make a statement, especially in your bondage sessions.

Go big and own at least one latex suit in your life. You can find several latex jackets for men in stores, but this suit coat comes in a variety of colors and is definitely worth a try.

Coats and Trench Coats

Another classic outerwear and one of the earliest forms of clothing are coats, with their existence dating back as far as the Middle Ages. Coats originally come in mid-length, are fitted to the waist, and buttoned up to the front. By the turn of the eighteenth century, overcoats replaced cloaks and capes, and the rest is history.

Trench coats are made of heavy-duty and weatherproof materials as they were first used during World War I. Hence, the word "trench" is attached to the name. They come in different lengths, from above the knee to above the ankles.

As more materials become available, latex and vinyl are also used for manufacturing these coats. PVC trench coats are now widely seen in the runways because this material is more affordable than leather but is also weatherproof.

Have you ever heard of flasher coats? The use of trench coats also transcended from taking part in bloody warfare to awakening sexual desires. Since they are known for concealing innerwear, some use them in their bedroom adventures as they work best for flashers and exhibitionists.

If you're on the lookout for something versatile and classy, then you probably know what you should be getting. Because whether you want to appear as shrewd as Sherlock Holmes, as sexy as Elizabeth Taylor, or as badass as Neo in The Matrix, you can count on coats to help you look the part.

Jacket Materials: Latex Vinyl and PVC

Now that you know how latex brought sexy back, you might be ready to splurge on a latex coat. But your pocket probably isn’t. Truth be told, natural latex looks luxurious because it is. Then there are chlorinated ones, which are like the holy grail of latexes. So before you spend way above your budget, there’s an alternative you can consider.

Vinyl and PVC fabrics are replacements for latex because they cost less but look almost the same.

These materials are engineered to have rigidity, strength, and durability to combat tough environments, so vinyl jackets and PVC coats are an excellent idea. Plus, switching from latex jackets to synthetic ones lowers your chances of having a latex allergy. Wearing winter gear made of these fabrics gives you just the same, if not more, insulation and protection as wearing a rubber one. After all, vinyl provides good elasticity while being weatherproof.

Despite being a cheaper option, these wet look fabrics can still be chic. They come in various colors--from black vinyl coats to pink vinyl jackets. There are also clear ones if see-through garments are your thing.

Check out these PVC jackets in our collection. We have a wide selection of apparel for both men and women to enjoy.

Jackets: What’s Next?

Nothing beats the excitement of wearing your new jacket during your bondage plays, but make sure it stays fresh and in prime condition.

Looking for more ways to feel sexy? Flaunt your curves with a latex dress. All you have to do is click the button. Leave the rest to us.