Dress to Thrill

Gone are the days when lingeries are the mainstream costumes for naughty evenings. Deviate from the conventional sultry piece of clothing and switch to something more versatile and classic. Any idea what it could be? Clue, it's been there since the ancient Egyptian era!

If you want to wear a provocative fashion statement saying, "I'm so sexy. But chill! You can't get all of me right away," then try getting a skirt that will give your audience the thrill to want you more. But don't choose whatever is just available. Get your thighs covered with shiny pieces of clothing, like latex skirts. You'll be a show-stopper anywhere you go!

Six Types of Skirts and How to Wear Them

Whatever your body type is, there sure is a latex kilt that will suit your booty and thighs. Are you worried that your legs are not long and slender enough? Fret not! It comes in different styles—mini, spanking, hobble, pencil, skater, midi skirts. Depending on which part of your lower body you wish to flaunt, you can choose one that sexily fits you.

However, it's not enough that you only own one of these hot picks. Once you have yours, you should know the correct ways on how to wear your latex outfit. And, of course, make sure to be informed on how to keep your rubber gear always new-looking!


Boast half of your skinny and smooth thighs with an above-the-knee micro skirt. An attire for all occasions, a mini skirt is always a versatile piece of casual clothing you can always wear.

Choose from low- and high-waist cuts that vary in colors and sizes. You can have something made of latex or rubber and vinyl or PVC. Some have incomparable features, which you can't find anywhere else. Take this black Erotic Escort Latex Spanking Skirt as an example. It has a window at its back so you can show off those curvy buttocks. Squeeze those cheeks in, and let this beauty brag about your rear!


Do paddles and whips excite you? You should wear a spanking skirt! It’s best for BDSM plays! It is even shorter than a micro-mini as its hem ends just right below your butt. Roll it up a little, and you can readily submit those chubby cheeks to your lover.

Most that you can find here use latex. But if you prefer other materials, the Flirtatious PVC Mini Skirt should fill your needs, too. With its slits on its sides, be prepared from your lover's every spank as they will come harder each time he sees the peak of your thighs!


If you want to impose that you are prim and proper, yet you want to display that hourglass body, hobble skirts fit just what you need. You can get the bashful and elegant look just by wearing these articles of clothing that run from the waist down above the ankles. They come zippered, buttoned, and laced, made of faux leather, PVC, and latex. Use these clever skirts as a uniform or as a costume for your Boss-Subordinate BDSM plays.

See this Shiny Latex Hobble Skirt? Match it with any top and blazer, and you will look astonishingly presidential and reputable!


These above-the-knee skirts are unlike your tartan and cotton ones. PVC, genuine latex, and vinyl are examples of the materials used in this collection's items. They possess versatility like no other. Use them as an office skirt, clothing for your kinky plays, or even as your everyday attire.

What's lovely about these pencil skirts is they do not come in just one design. Some have straight cuts, while some have a tulip style. Look at this gorgeous Playful Latex Pencil Skirt. It defies all the laws of nature and forces with its beautiful white-lined hem. The way it goes with the shape of the hips is just so phenomenal!


If you are not a fan of tight-fitting garments, choose one that's loose and comfortable to wear, like a skater skirt. It allows you to spread your legs as wide as you want with its pleated panels. They come in regular, knife and grated pleats, with lace and zippers as their locking and adjustment mechanisms.

Most of these skirts use latex, but you can also find ones that use plastic. Feel free to check this captivating Corseted PVC Skater Skirt. It is a classic-design-meets-modern-fashion skirt! What else do you need once you have it?


So you want to play the role of an elegant and graceful maiden in your mischievous plays, eh? The vintage design of a midi skirt will suit perfectly on this occasion!

This 1940's-inspired long skirt with pleats on it will make your look so classy! Check out this Vintage Vinyl Midi Skirt. It is made of PVC and it looks stunningly gorgeous! Wouldn't you be so regal as you put it on your waist? Wear it without your undergarments on, and flash that pinkish and trimmed pussy to your man!

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You may have read several mentions of the materials used in making skirts. There exists latex, also known as rubber, which comes natural, synthetic, and blended. There are also those safe-to-use plastics like PVC or vinyl and faux leather. What sets one apart from the other is the process they all undergo.

Latex comes from rubber trees' sap, which goes through dehydration, bleaching, and flattening until it becomes rolls and sheets. Some might even need to be chlorinated to enhance more of their attributes and make them glossier. This is the very reason why the pure ones are relatively more expensive than the mass- and chemically-produced synthetic and plastic outfits. And as all these appear to be similar to the naked eye in terms of texture and physique, make sure to identify what is genuine latex and what's not. An authentic rubber may cause allergies to some, so know the material before buying your desired skirt!

But to be fair, what's good about all these materials is that they are so versatile that they can come in many colors. Unlike other adult accessories, which come only in black, these vary in different hues such as solid white, blue, clear or transparent, pink, red, and yellow — name it!

Be More Sophisticated and Sultrier!

Laced panties and G-strings are old-fashioned and, quite frankly, are no longer sexy. Switch to using latex skirts and pair them with these sophisticated Latex Socks and Thigh Highs to achieve an optimal overall sultry look! And, don't forget to keep them always clean and new using these super-effective Latex Care products!

Hurry and get them all now!