Latex Vacuum Beds

A Bondage Fetish That Will Suck You In

Among the many BDSM furniture, a latex vacuum bed reigns supreme. More hardcore than rope bondage, vacuum bondage deeply satisfies the darkest fantasies. Though it's called bed, its function is far from what the word evokes. What it does is shrinkwrap the person inside it to render them immobile and helpless, making it a popular (or notorious) furniture set for many bondage enthusiasts.

Claustrophiliacs and rubberists find indescribable psychological and physical pleasure in it. People with claustrophilia love to be vacuum-sealed as the tightness makes them ecstatic. Also, kinksters with a breathing fetish become euphoric and sexually aroused while trying to suffocate someone or getting suffocated in the skin-tight grip of rubber. For a rubberist sealed in a latex vac sack, orgasm isn't far-fetched.

Those who take pleasure in tight spaces will find vacuum bondage gratifying. Doms and slaves engaged in sex activities using suctioned latex bags and sacks have nothing but praises for this type of erotic play. If you fantasize about caressing a girl in a vac bag or a vacbed, you know you can make it happen.

This BDSM furniture is easy to assemble. Its frame consists of pipes made of hard plastic or steel. These pipes have holes in them, which make suctioning possible. Once put together and the person to be wrapped is in a comfortable yet sexy position, use an air sucking machine to draw out all the air. When the individual is shrink-wrapped like a sausage, it's the perfect time to execute whatever kink you have in mind.

Cuffs or ropes on slaves create sexy scenarios, but people wrapped like a sausage are much hotter to play with as they can't lift even a single finger, which is why this sex sack is much more versatile than you think. With a single tiny hole for the mouth or a tube for breathing, whoever is held captive in it will be able to catch some air. As it restrains the whole body, the set is perfect for mummification bondage, too.

A partner enclosed in an airtight rubber encasing is reduced to an object. A masochist will find it equally exciting as they have no idea what their sadist will do next because their eyes are shut. The smell of rubber and the sound of a suction machine will overwhelm the senses, making the equipment great for sensory deprivation. Create your own vacbed sex stories and make them worth telling.

Three Types of Bondage, the Third One Will Surprise You!

There are three types of bondage vacuum products. Vacbeds, sleeping bags, and vacuum cubes have their own unique qualities, and each offers a distinct thrilling experience. Read this comprehensive guide to taking care of the material in order to make your bondage furniture last. Also, learn how you can get inside the enclosure without damaging the rubber.

Vacuum Beds

A rubber vacuum bed isn't the same thing as a latex vacuum mattress. That’s because it’s the brainchild of a kinkster for fellow kinksters wanting to relish the rubber experience in its extreme, erotic form.

A vacbed is made of an airtight material, and latex is the perfect medium. This rubber is also thin, smooth, and pliable, and when it clings tight to the skin, every touch becomes intensely stimulating. A vac bed can be set up on a flat surface or a table; some even come with a suspension device. Once assembled, the individual to be restrained slips into the envelope and makes sure they have access to the breathing hole, tube, or gasket for the neck. The restraining partner seals the envelope. The negative pressure is created with the help of a suction pump. Once all the air between spaces is evacuated, the person inside is unable to move, which is why it’s recommended only for a few minutes of use.

A pleasurable bed for bondage players, a black latex vacbed is an all-time favorite. If you aim to simulate the spine-chilling-Han-Solo-frozen-in-carbonite, silver or gray are great options. Of course, it’s also available in other colors like blue and red. Check out the Sweet Sensations Latex Vacbed. It’s one of the best!

Vacuum Bags

A latex vac bed is easy to set up, but its bag counterpart is way easier as it doesn’t come with a frame. This vacsack comes with a hood attachment with cutouts on the mouth and the nose; hence, it doesn’t look as intimidating. It’s also suction-ready because it has a tube serving as a valve for an air-sucking machine. Just look at the Curvaceous Catch Latex Vac Bag. With a zipper in the back, it allows one to slip into it in no time.

When air is extracted from the envelope, you will witness a display of art—a body that is wrapped and traced in rubber, with all the curves and bumps highlighted. The sealed and sucked body bag will cling to the skin so tight that even the navel becomes conspicuous. The willing submissive can remain trapped in it for as long as they want, and normally, it lasts only for a few minutes as prolonged use can numb the body.

Easy to pack when traveling, a latex vacuum bag or suit is truly convenient. Without pipes that eat up space, you can travel lite and kinky!

Vacuum Cubes

A vacuum cube provides a unique experience with its three-dimensional build. Being multi-sided, the person inside can receive stimulation from different angles, offering an appeal quite different from a vacbed or a vac bag. With a sturdy frame, the person going in can experiment on various positions like kneeling, squatting, or sitting.

While all of its sides are sealed and the person inside seems trapped, a breathing tube or a gasket for the neck is well integrated to ensure continuous air supply to the person being sucked down. A latex vacuum cube is like a bondage prison where a submissive willingly offers their body to be enclosed and immobilized for the sake of pleasure.

There’s nothing complicated about it. During bondage play, the dom will let the sub in and seal the rubber box with a zipper or any closure mechanism to prevent air from going in. Once the person is inside, a tube of an air-sucking device is fitted into the valve of the vaccube. A momentary stay inside the latex vac cube is like ages of bliss for an enthusiast, and a few minutes of being tightly held by shiny and smooth rubber from all sides is an exhilarating experience that’s worth trying again and again.

What You Need to Know About Being Sealed Safely

The unique experience and erotic bliss of feeling paralyzed inside a vacuum sack can fulfill the darkest fantasies, yet it can also turn into the worst nightmare when carelessly used. There have been vacuum bed death incidents reported, which could have been easily prevented if the person outside had taken a close watch on his partner. The key to safe breathplay using this BDSM furniture is through responsible use. By keeping a tight watch on your activities, your vacuum-sealed human will be in good hands.

Safety should be a priority when engaging in breathplay using this kinky bed. Set some ground rules with a consenting partner and come up with a safeword. If unable to talk, kinksters should use coughing, or moaning patterns instead. Vacbed suffocation is preventable when precautions are observed.

Besides suffocation, problems like bruising, ear damage, and dehydration are highly likely to happen if the trapped partner is left unattended. That's why doing it solo is very risky, and it can be fatal as it's impossible to get out on your own once you're all sucked in.

Getting inside a vacbed is a wonderful experience if operated by a trusted partner. Now that you've learned how to play it safe, you're ready to seal the deal!

The Right Material Is King Here

Kinksters use different sex furniture to turn their fantasies into reality. The most associated material with bondage play is latex because of its sensual feel and restraining capability. No wonder many are hooked to a latex body bag or a rubber vacuum bed with a PVC pipe frame because the material feels erotic and luxurious! But before you buy, you need to know that not all products labeled as made of latex are created equal, and chlorinated latex isn’t as shiny but it glides like silk on the skin.

Those with a latex allergy can opt for PVC, a good alternative that costs less but doesn't feel cheap.

Hot in Bondage Wrap!

Now that you’ve learned about latex vacuum beds, bags, and cubes, you’re ready to relish their shrink wrapping effect! Take a look at our collection of rubber vacubeds and check out our sleepsacks as well. Once you get one for your hot BDSM sessions, make it last with proper care, and don’t forget to play it well!