Catsuits and Bodysuits

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The Sexy Catsuit and Bondage Bodysuit Fetish

All villains and beasts of wicked schemes have come together to conquer the planet. Hunting for risque and lustful creatures to devour, they have searched far and wide. The question is, are you ready to fight against them? You have the power to defeat them, just like Black Panther, Supergirl, Natasha Romanoff, Catwoman, and other badass superheroes. Lure them into sweet surrender with your oozing sex appeal by wearing a powerful armor that will ensure a winning streak: catsuits and bodysuits.

Shiny, squeaky, skin-tight, and sexy, these 4Ss sum up the definition of these items. Similar to popular jumpsuits, these male and female wet-looking and curve-defining ensembles cover both the upper and lower body parts. They were solely known as body suits until 1955 or 1960 when people noticed their uncanny resemblance to a slinky cat’s appearance when worn; hence the fashion staple name catsuit was born.

These fashion outfits are popularly used by young girls and adult women in cosplays and evening and Halloween costume parties. And since most of them are made of latex or rubber base materials, their distinctive features appeal to fetishists. With their restrictive nature, BDSM enthusiasts find these suits as perfect bondage items. Others use them as alternatives to sleepsacks in sensory deprivation plays, especially with a mask or hood covering the bottom’s face, as they offer more leniency. Many dominants are also fond of these garments for pure aesthetics. They see these sex apparel for sale as transformative onesies and a source of their strength, giving them authoritative power to control their partner.

Whether it’s for men, women, members of the LGBTQ+, and small to plus size built rubberists; there are cat suits and bodysuits available for everyone. 

Five Types of Catsuits and Bodysuits

Now that wetlook catsuits and bodysuits have piqued your interest, let’s dig deeper into their different types to help you choose the best for your BDSM play or costume parties. You can encounter them in random styles, such as condom catsuits with zippers for zentai or one with a sexy lingerie design on top of it. There’s also a one-piece suit embellished with a fancy lolita dress, and you also get to know more about leotards vs. bodysuits. Don’t forget to study the art of how to put on second-skin latex and rubber suits and the foolproof steps on maintaining their best quality before you check out an item.

Full Body and Long Sleeve Suits

Who doesn’t love full bodysuits? They are the most popular latex garment. Modest and versatile, these are the common go-to items of celebrities, fetishists, and cosplayers. They come in long sleeves, a turtleneck, and sometimes with a hood. You can check this stunning item, the Shiny Latex Female Suit with Hood, for your reference.

Looking for a bondage tool or a dominatrix costume? The Sensational Black Cat Suit will surely make you look irresistible! This sexy unitard is an excellent piece to restrict your partner’s mobility or keep your villainous mistress image. Not sure how to wear a catsuit? Watching video tutorials on putting on tight-fitting body stocking will surely help.

Short Catsuits

Wish to experience body-conforming suits while still able to show off your legs for days? The short catsuit is the answer to that! This type is similar to a romper, a shirt and shorts combined as a one-piece suit. They may come in tanks or short sleeves, and they are popular in the lustrous colors black and red. Doing the gigolo meets the mistress scene? The One Piece Men's Rubber Catsuit will make that happen! Or why not go with the kinky swimming instructor with a naughty student with this Sexy Wetlook Bodysuit for Women?


Been on the lookout for some thrill lately? A circus-inspired BDSM play will surely make your day! But of course, you can’t do that without leotards like the Full Sleeve Sexy Latex Suit. These pieces resemble one-piece swimsuits that cover the torso and crotch areas. They are available in sleeveless and short and long sleeves, and their zippers are placed at the backside. As for their base materials, you don’t have to worry! There are bodysuits available in latex, PVC, and more, so you’ll indeed find one suitable for you. Since leotards are originally made for ballet dancers and acrobats, they are usually in black or white.

Crotchless and Open Crotch Suits

Want to play naughty with your partner? Crotchless and open crotch catsuits will help you achieve that! Say goodbye to taking too much of your time in taking the suit off your partner’s body. They are your regular full bodysuits, minus the crotch cover for the kinky effect. Not sure of what it looks like? You can check the Playful Crotchless Latex Catsuit and maybe have your submissive wear it on your next BDSM play. These garments are often made of latex base material. Since they are designed for raunchy sex scenes, they are famous in electric colors.

Inflatable Suits

Mouth stuffed with dildos, extreme desire to make your partner’s breasts appear bigger during your play, this is what you call inflation fetish. And if you are in for this kind of kink, then inflatable suits are the right choice for you. Whether it is full-body, the breasts, or the head you wish to amplify in your partner, there is a bodysuit ready to cater to your needs. Check this Intense Inflatable Latex Catsuit out! You can also find a suit combined with a sleep sack for more intense play. These catsuits are mostly made of latex or rubber materials, as they need durable components that can withstand air pressure.

Catsuit Colors: Black, Red, and More!

Your favorite shade is a window to your sexuality or sex life. The same things are also true when it comes to BDSM roleplays. It is important to pick your latex, rubber, spandex, faux leather, or PVC catsuit's color that matches your mood for action or the role you will portray. Let's see what your selection tells about you:


If you are a fan of catsuits, you can never have a collection without this color. It is one of the most popular shades next to red when it comes to suits. What makes black bodysuits a must-have in women’s collections is it makes you appear versatile. You can wear it on different BDSM scenes and even at costume parties. Remember Halle Berry's Catwoman stint? You can also give justice to full black catsuits just like her!


Who doesn't find red jumpsuits sultry? Even Brtiney Spears wore the same color of bodysuit in her Toxic music video. It symbolizes seduction and passion. Catsuits, especially in full red tinge, ignite lust instantaneously. Wearing one will surely drive your partner crazy!


Virginal and submissive, these two best describes what having white and nude/flesh-colored latex or PVC suits is all about. Wearers of these shades love to please their dominants, so if you got one bottom yourself, this one is indeed a must-have!


Remember Poison Ivy? Yes, she's the famous villain in the green catsuit. This color represents growth, perfect for BDSM beginners.


These metallic shades of bodysuits symbolize strength, excellent to showcase authoritative characteristics.


What you see is what you get! If you are in for some daring play, then transparent, clear, or see-through catsuits are your best bet!


These colors symbolize playfulness. Wearers of catsuits in these shades allow themselves to have fun even in kinky settings.

Catsuit Materials: Vinyl and Spandex

Now that you are decided about your choice of color for your sexy catsuit or full bodysuit, it is about time to know about its most important detail, the base material. Latex, Chlorinated Latex, Rubber, Vinyl, Spandex, Pleather, or Faux Leather, and PVC, which among these components is the right one for you? 

Let’s start first with men and women’s latex and rubber rompers and jumpsuits. These components cost a lot more than the other materials. Manufacturers take time and effort to produce them, hence the reason for their expensiveness. They flawlessly hug the curves of the body once worn, making the wearer appear sexier. They also exhibit high tensility and resiliency even when the suits are stretched widely.

However, if you can’t be in latex or heavy rubber suits due to allergies, there are other options available for you. You can get your cat suit and body suits for males or females in Vinyl, Spandex, Faux Leather, or PVC. They are easily manufactured in factories, that's why they are more affordable. Just like the first two materials, they also boast sleek and shiny surfaces.

Catsuits and Bodysuits: The BDSM Costume You Must Have

If you love the different types of catsuits that we offer in this selection, you can also get a matchy pair of gloves and boots or shoes to complete your attire. Make it latex all the way! You don’t have to worry; as long as you have your latex care products, owning one is easy peasy.