Bikinis and Swimsuits

This Is How You Can Be Even Sexier

Do you find pleasure in the feeling of skin-tight and elastic garments wrapping your intimate areas? Perhaps, seeing your partner in rubber swimwear excites you like no other. Either way, bikinis and bathing suits indeed bring out the erotic vibe in a scene. But what makes this fashion piece even sexier is when it is made of a body-hugging material that can also accentuate one's physical assets. And what material can hold one's body better than latex? Its shine and lustrous texture will give the wearer's physique the justice it deserves. So, dive into the fetish using the proper outfit.

Two Types

You can prance in latex swimwear using a one-piece suit or a more revealing two-piece set. Either way, don't forget the details on how you can wear latex properly. Keep your sexy suits as good as new by knowing latex's proper storage and maintenance.


If a one-piece swimwear isn't enough to contain your confidence, perhaps, getting into a bikini will suit you better. Named after an infamous U.S. atomic test, the fashion designer behind this piece found it hard to get someone who'll model it, as it was considered scandalous back in the day. Well, little can be said in today's society, as wearing a bikini is now a common thing to do worldwide.

Consequently, different types of bikinis also evolved. On the less revealing side are high neck, high-waisted, skirtini, and tankini. But if you want to show more skin, you can get a string bikini, microkini, or strapless bikini.

With its revealing design also comes comfort for you to move around, making bikinis an appropriate suit to wear at a beach or swimming pool during the summer. Hence they're usually available in bright colors such as orange, yellow, or pink. But of course, bikinis are undeniably sexy as well. That's why black and red are also very typical color choices.

Polyester and nylon are the usual fabrics used in making bikinis. But nowadays, they are also available in wetlook materials such as PVC, vinyl, rubber, or latex. If you prefer the latter, you should wear it with care.


Do you know that women used to sew lead into the hems of their swimsuits' skirts? All for modesty's sake. Yes, you've read that right, swimsuits used to have long skirts, and yes, some of them had weights. Indeed, keeping a conservative outfit during summertime was a big deal back in the day. Lucky for you, they're all in the past now. And now, you can enjoy the warmth of sunlight in the comfort of your favorite swimsuit.

Specially made for water activities, swimsuits are one-piece garments that are usually sleeveless. They barely cover the thighs or legs, thus giving you more room to paddle your legs and enjoy the refreshing splash of water. Plus, it's an opportunity for you to flaunt your hot body.

And because they're just pretty convenient, there are tons of styles available. If you're the conservative type, you can get swimsuits with sleeves or those with high neck closures or shorts. But if you have eye-catching assets to show off, then why not go with swimwear with plunging necklines, strapless, or those high-cut ones.

Bright colors like yellow, orange, and navy blue are pretty usual. But to look and feel sexier, red or black are good choices as well. But what better way to make heads turn but to wear transparent ones? Indeed, there are clear swimsuits, and most of them are in latex.

And while there are lots of bathing suit designs and colors available, you can also get them in different materials. Spandex and nylon are the usual, but nowadays, there are shiny wetlook swimwears that are preferred by many. Such materials include rubber, PVC, or vinyl. And as mentioned earlier, latex swimsuits can make you stand out. And if latex is your choice of swimwear, you should be aware of how to wear one properly.

What Materials Are Available

Meant to withstand dynamic movements, you should be selective in picking your swimwear's material. While polyester and nylon are popular choices, you can opt for lustrous ones like PVC, vinyl, or latex. However, if you prefer the latter, ensure that you don't have any allergic reaction to rubber or latex. Learn about latex types, including chlorinated latex.

Take a Plunge and Do It with Style

If you like bathing in latex, you can take your latex fascination to your bedroom by getting latex lingerie or underwear. Keep your latex in its new-like condition by understanding its proper care. Maintain its shining glory by getting a latex cleaner or shiner. Go all out and take a plunge now!