Latex Neck Corsets

Why Collared and Posture Control are Attractive

Oh, what a pleasure it is to see your partner's restricted neck high and erect in perfect posture! Watching your slave facing forward with their chin up and neck straight gives you that reassuring feeling as a dom. If you're the type of master who finds satisfaction in seeing necks bound gracefully, then perhaps a posture collar corset is a must-have in your dungeon closet.

During the Victorian era, women wore corsets to emphasize the curvature of the female figure. Corsets also help improve posture hence were later on worn around the neck as well. Nowadays, especially in the BDSM community, these are essential accessories for when a dominant partner wants to discipline a submissive or take control over their slaves’ head movements. This constricting accessory can also hold significance in the relationship between a dom and sub, as wearing one may symbolize a person's submission.

While most neck corsets have O-rings for when a dom wants to attach a leash or other restraints, some are long enough to cover the chin, mouth, and even the nose. Such designs can also serve as a gag. True enough, neck corsets aren't just fashionably attractive, but their ability to restrict head movements can satisfy certain fetishes and BDSM needs.

These Are the Main Types

As neck corsets have several uses, they come in different shapes and sizes. Some will do more than restrain someone's neck but will also cover the mouth. You can also get one in leather, PVC, or latex. Should you prefer the latter, then it's worth knowing the proper way of wearing latex and how you can keep its new-like condition.

Kinky Latex Neck Corsets

When it comes to constricting someone's neck, there's no better way to do that than with an elastic yet sultry material like latex. And while the material itself already looks captivating, some collars also have a pleasing aesthetic design. There are rubber collars that use a zipper or belt-like mechanism to keep them secure. But if you prefer a classy yet kinky way to wrap one's neck, use a restraint that resembles the design of a waist corset from the 18th century.

Aside from its charming look, a lace up neck corset also offers versatility. Adjust it appropriately, and your slave can barely tilt her head. It's very straightforward to use, as it resembles the style of a shoelace.

And because nothing else symbolizes sex better than red and black, you'll see a lot of neck corsets in these stunning colors. Use one in the dungeon and add a leash for more humiliation. Or use it to keep your sub's gaze at you. One can also wear it simply because it makes a great fashion piece.

Whichever way you or your partner intend to wear it, don't forget to keep track of time. As neck corsets help exert control over a sub, they're only appropriate for use during specific scenes.

Neck and Mouth Corsets

If restricting your bottom using a neck corset doesn't make the cut when it comes to executing punishment, then perhaps, you should also keep your slave's mouth shut. But why use two separate tools when you can do both with just one piece of restraint? Indeed, mouth corsets can simultaneously restrict your slave's neck and lower half of the face. It looks and locks similarly to a neck corset, but its extensive design can also prevent your slave from talking back or using the mouth, thus making your scene more domineering and sadistic.

Want to take your scenes to a whole new level?

If exerting discipline and sadism using neck corsets is your cup of tea, then you can make the scene more bitter by getting any of these BDSM gears and tools. And if you like latex so much, then make sure to give your latex suits and accessories proper care by getting a polish or two.