Boots and Shoes

Bring Your Sub to Heel: Boot Worship and Retifism

Shoe Fetishism, also known as retifism, happens when one’s extreme reverence to their partner is manifested by having an erotic fondness for the shoes their lover is wearing. In BDSM, this is most commonly referred to as boot worship. A notch lower than foot worship, this act takes devotion to another level. Here, the Submissive willingly glorifies the footwear their Master uses.

Boot worship is a favorite humiliation play among fetishists because the foot is considered the least regarded part of the body. Hence, Submissives are tasked with licking, kissing, sniffing, and cleaning the mistress’ boots with their tongue.

This sensual practice can be traced back to the 19th century when European students poured wine or champagne into their ladies’ shoes to profess their loyalty to their lovers. A raunchy version of “worshipping the ground you walk on,” the act deserves to be written down in the history of boots. And if you think this fascination is already outdated, you are wrong.

This fetish proves to be a prevalent one even at present times, as shoes and feet remain to be the most hailed object of sexual affection. Expectedly, dominatrix shoes and heels are some of the most sought-after items in the BDSM market. These bondage shoes are made of different materials like leather, latex, and other synthetic textiles.

In such instances where couples share a fetish for rubber boots, a Dom may use it to slap their slave instead of using their hands. More extreme acts include stepping on and trampling a Submissive while the domme is wearing high-heeled bondage shoes.

If you share the same penchant for shoes and you view boots as an outlet for your kinky affection, then you are on the right track in finding the perfect pair to appease your desires.

Which Type of Boot or Shoe Is Right for You?

There’s the right pair of shoes for every situation. But no matter what kind of situation (or position) you find yourself in, you must look your best. In case you haven’t caught up on the trend yet, latex boots are a good idea. 

Boots and Thigh High Boots

You might feel intimidated to wear any shoes that go past your knee and calf, but you have no reason to. Thigh-high boots are created to make you look and feel sexier than you already are. Do you remember the first time you saw Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with her hooker boots and thought, “ Wow, that’s hot!” Well, that’s what this footwear is about.

These boots aren’t just made for walking, though. Over the years, it has become an unspoken symbol for kink because it exudes an overflowing amount of sex appeal.

People first began to see thigh-high boots in a different (and sensual) light when Irving Klaw used them as part of his models’ costumes for his erotic photography during the 1950s. It didn’t take long for fetishists to incorporate latex in their BDSM activities. Thus, a new addition to the thriving elements of shoe fetishism was born.

Thigh-high rubber boots have become one of the most sought-after footwear in the BDSM world. And since latex is a versatile and highly- stretchable material, these boots now come in various styles and are offered in different sizes. Furthermore, they cater to all forms of sexy--from petite to plus size.

There are ones with wide thigh openings that are perfect for voluptuous dommes. You can easily buy a pair of lace-up boots that are so sinfully sexy your Submissive will be more than willing to be your floormat. There are shiny high heels, too! The Shiny Seductress Dominatrix Heels, for instance, will make you look effortlessly irresistible.

And finally, if you are running on a tight budget, then you can go for good old faux leather boots--a classic that suits both men and women.


Latex shoes are not limited to thigh-high boots. You can still get creative and go for a full-on kinky makeover by experimenting with what other kinds of shoes match your style. Feel free to browse our collection of shoes and boots that will surely make you look like the meanest Domme that has ever graced the glossary of BDSM. Feast your eyes on the different colors, materials, and styles this listing has to offer. Just a fair warning, though, these are so good, you might want to buy them all.

Sleek Materials and Colours

Before diving into the world of bondage with a stunning pair of boots to show off, you must first be aware of the materials used in your new kinky kicks. We’ll discuss the most common kinds you can find in the market, so let’s get started.

There’s no arguing about how ideal leather is when it comes to shoemaking. But let’s face it; what’s ideal is not always the most practical option. So we move on to the next material on the list--latex.

Latex is a very versatile material and has been enjoying renewed popularity both fashion and fetish-wise, so it’s understandably one of the best choices for sultry thigh-high boots. But one must be wary of any allergic reactions before purchasing some killer high heels. Furthermore, latex has various types, including chlorinated ones. So, for sexy mistresses on a tight budget, latex may not always be the most affordable bet. Enter PVC and Vinyl.

These materials, albeit synthetic, are widely used in different industries worldwide--from protective clothing to knee-high booties, to raunchy catsuits. They are more low-cost compared to latex yet can offer the same elasticity that rubber provides. They also come in different colors, ranging from black, white, red, and anything in between.

Pair Your Boots and Shoes With...

Now that you’ve seen our collection of latex boots and shoes, the fun has just begun. There are still hundreds of kinky accessories for you to discover, so make sure to complete your look before you make that booty call. Everything you need is here. All you have to do is click the button and make your purchase.