Latex Bed Sheets

Working Out All the Kinks in Bed

"I love waking up in the morning not knowing where I'm gonna go or who I'm gonna meet." -Jack Dawson, Titanic, 1997

Your bed is a significant factor in starting your day fresh. When you have a cozy mattress, it drives your mood positively. Whenever you need to relax, you only have to rest your back on this furniture after a tiring day.

But for lovebirds, beds are not just a mere resting place; it is a sacred space where all the miracles happen. And by that, we mean steaming hot sex—not just the conventional and dull humping sessions. So, it is essential that what covers it should be sensual, appealing, and orgasm-inducing. If you are looking for a material that possesses these qualities, nothing beats latex sheets in making your bedding a dream sex dungeon!

Unlike the regular novelty sheets that use cotton and linen, authentic latex is best for kinky adult plays. Rubber-lovers are addicted to latex's shiny look and aromatic fragrance. Hence, it is a recommended material by fetishists. The squeaky sound it makes as you brush your skin against it during an intense bondage play makes it more arousing to use. Its elasticity allows you to stretch it to an extent to conform to the size of your rack. And even if you attempt to try whatever sexual position you have in mind, it does not wrinkle right away, making it always pleasant to the eyes.

Consider replacing those traditional and boring sheets with one full of kinks. There's no need to go somewhere else upon waking up, as you can find all the fun and adventure on the four corners of your sexy bed. You will surely know what you want to do after waking up on your latex sheet—and that is to have a wild and erotic BDSM play with your lover!

Three Types of Sexy Bedding

Imagine having rubber sheeting with cotton sheaths on it—how weird would it look?

Your bedding ensemble doesn’t end with just the bed sheet. It will never be complete if you do not match it with a blanket and pillowcases of the same material. May it be genuine latex or PVC, choose whatever complements each other's design—open, zippered, gartered, etc.

But then again, the journey does not stop there. You need to know how to mix and match your latex clothing to come up with a stylish finish. And once you have your trio, love it with all your heart by maintaining and cleaning your latex sets as often as needed.

Bed Sheets

Your intimate moments always start with you lying on the bed. So, the surface where your body will lie plays an important role. If it's too bumpy and wrinkly, then you know it's going to be a rough and uncomfortable ride. If it's the other way around—flat and glossy, you know it will be a smooth and hassle-free escapade.

Genuine latex and rubber, faux leather, and PVC—these are some examples of materials that can give your sex sheets that slick look you want to achieve. But it's not just their wet look that's sought after by users. Their waterproof ability, the power to resist liquid absorption makes them an excellent choice for steaming hot sex, too. You do not need to worry about the sweat and jizz residues and smell clinging to your beddings as you can easily wipe them off with a clean cloth after with these on. And lastly, no matter how wild the play can get on the bed, these sheets won't easily break as they have high tensile strengths that can withstand extreme stretching!

These rubberized sheets come in different colors to choose from, but classic black always stands out. Take, as an example, one of the best-sellers, the BDSM Rubber Bed Sheeting. But should you need to consider other colors, you can try checking up on the Love Me Latex Bed Sheets. It's available in orange, red, clear, and purple, too!

Use them as your casual bed cover or as a protective bed film for your perspiring and jizz-inducing BDSM plays. Place them on top of your cushion, and voila! You have just transformed your ordinary sleeping area into a wild sex lair!

Whatever your bed size is, may it be a solo, twin, queen or a king, trust that you can pick your favorite sheets here!


After a tiring BDSM play on your sex sheet, all you want to do is turn the AC on and rest for some minutes to get to the second round. As you are all naked, you might feel a little chill. And so, you need to have a blanket that will wrap your body to feel the warmth that it needs.

Since you have latex sheets, match them with blankets that suit its color and design, too. It can also be used as an additional accessory to protect your bed covers from stains and bodily fluids as it is waterproof.

Pillow Cases

You will drool upon sleeping right after your exhausting sex. And to make sure you won't smudge your pillows, get your rubber cases, too. You can have the zippered ones to ensure that the cushion inside is secured. Or you can get the hollow ones for easy insertion and detachment of the pad inside.

Latex vs PVC for Bed Sheets

Before getting your desired bed sheet, make sure to check whether it's a genuine latex or a PVC disguising as a rubber sheet. Natural latex is relatively more expensive as they are pure rubber, which has undergone numerous enhancing processes. Some even go through chlorination to improve more of their qualities and features. Vinyl sheets, on the other hand, are synthetic and mass-produced. Hence, they are cheaper.

While they look almost the same, they differ in compositions. It's essential to distinguish whether you have the authentic ones, as latex can cause allergies to some. So, know your money's worth and do not be deceived by the phony ones!

Dress Up Your Bed Now!

Dream wet and make your bed your fantasy sex den by dressing it up with one thing it deserves the most—a slick, stylish, and sexy latex bedsheet! And, once you have it, never forget to clean it using only the finest latex cleaners.

Buy your favorite among our Latex Bed Sheets Collection now!