Latex Hats

How to Complete the Look

Looking at your wardrobe, you’ve probably noticed that most of your garments and accessories are made of the same material. From catsuits, dresses, costumes, and even the tiniest details like gloves and masks, most—if not all—of them are latex made: well, except for one: the hats!

Hats have been around since ancient times. People wore them to protect their heads from the harsh elements brought by the surroundings. However, they also served as a status symbol. Wealthy citizens wore hats to show their assets and status.

But nowadays, hats are worn not just to protect the head. Wearing hats instantly boosts one’s confidence, affirms their identities and of course, amps up their look.

What if they are latex-made? Though they still serve their purpose, these fetishistic head accessories can make a person’s libido arise—and that’s because of their distinct smell, look, and feel. Wearing something shiny and silky will make anyone look hotter in the eyes of their partners and even in public. In addition, their rubbery smell makes them alluring to their significant others. For this reason, many kinky couples incorporate latex clothing, tools, and accessories into their bedroom activities. And when they’re out and about, they wear them as part of their fashion statements.

Thus, choosing the right latex hat can be a daunting task, considering all your needs and the options you have. If you have no idea what to choose, don’t worry. This information may be lengthy and a lot to take in, but it will guide you in picking the right latex headwear that works for you.

It will discuss the different hat styles and their features. It will also address the situations or occasions where you can wear these accessories. Furthermore, it will talk about the materials used in making these headpieces. So without further ado, let’s start the discussion!

Three Types

There are many types of hats, making it difficult to choose the right style that suits you. But to make things easier, this post will focus on a few types: the brimmed hats, the caps, and the fascinators. Each style has distinct features that you will adore. Nonetheless, the wearing and maintaining process of these headpieces are the same. To know how to put on latex hats—or any piece of clothing made of this material, for that matter—you can click this article. And to keep your rubber garments and accessories clean and polished, you can read this post, as it will give you pieces of advice on how to maintain them.


When it comes to the basic latex hat style, the first thing that comes into your mind is the one with a rounded brim and a crown, and this is what this type is. Sometimes, however, it features a band or a decoration or both, depending on the design.

Starting with the campaign hat, this headwear is generally worn by drill sergeants. This flat-brimmed, tall-crowned headgear can make anyone tremble, making it a perfect addition to your dominant look.

The Chupalla hat, on the other hand, is a small-crowned, wide-brimmed head accessory that comes from Chile and is usually worn in folk dances and rodeos.

Much like the Chupalla, the cowboy hat is also worn in rodeos and by cowboys. It’s the most popular style of men’s hat, yet it’s also unique with its pinched crown and curvy, rounded brim.

Then there’s the Panama style. Originated in Ecuador, this lightweight and light-colored headwear began as a humble headpiece and instantly became a must-have men’s accessory, especially those living in seaside and tropical countries.

But those are just men’s rubber hats. What about women’s hats? Like men’s headgear, women also have brimmed hat styles. Starting with the derby hat, this large and heavily adorned headpiece is the star of many horse race events. Celebrities and royals from different parts of the world wear this on their heads to glam up their look.

Another brimmed yet stylish hat in latex is the floppy style. This accessory can boost one’s confidence and style. Featured in many Gainsborough paintings, these hats have become a beach-wear accessory as they offer increased protection against the sun.

Last is the sun hat. With its long-brimmed style, it gives protection from the harsh rays of the sun, covering the face and the head of the wearer.


Next on the list is the latex cap. This style has a crown and a visor that comes in different shapes and sizes. And like the brimmed headdresses, this style has many types, too! Each design is made suitable for both men and women.

Let’s start with the most popular style: the baseball cap. This type is hard to miss since everyone has worn this at least once. It has been around since the early 1900s, and it has continued to become a trendy accessory, not just for men but also for women.

Next up is the Ivy cap. This rounded crowned cap became popular in the 1890s but fell out of fashion in the 1930s. But when it came back, this style became a fashion favorite, not just by men but also by women of all ages. It also became a trendy accessory in all seasons.

A modern version of the Ivy cap is the newsboy cap. It has a paneled crown with a short visor, making it a perfect fashion choice for women. However, this hat was originally worn by men in the early 1900s. It was sported by newsboys selling newspapers on the streets, where it got its name.

But if blending in the crowd isn’t your thing, then go for unique styles like the whoopee hat. This cap became a big fashion trend in the 1940s—all thanks to Jughead, one of the well-loved characters in the Archie comics. Unlike the caps mentioned above, this one doesn’t have a visor. It has a baggy crown and a cut-off brim, which makes it unique from other styles.

Last is the deerstalker cap. Popularized by none other than Sherlock Holmes, this dual-visored accessory has become stereotypical headgear for detectives. Thus, many cosplayers or even kinksters donning a detective costume wear this hat on their heads to complete their look.


The last type is the latex fascinator. This style is pretty interesting and a popular choice of headdress for women in the royal family. In the past, the design of this headwear was just a lacy scarf. They put it around their heads to give them a mysterious look.

As the years went by, the style of this headgear has changed, all thanks to a New York milliner called John P. He rebranded the little cocktail hats and made them better and named the updated version of these headdresses as fascinators. Since then, the design of this headwear hasn’t changed. You’d see these headpieces in royal weddings, and you’d notice that these hats had become the stars of such events besides the celebrities that rocked them, and of course, the newlyweds.

Now that you have an idea of what style to get, let’s proceed to the materials.

The Two Most Popular Wetlook Materials

Latex isn’t the only fabric that has a glossy appearance. Vinyl, otherwise known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC, can also provide that same shiny look. Thus, it’s the perfect alternative to rubber.

But this isn’t the common thing that these materials have. Besides the visual appeal, both textiles are stretchy. Once they’re turned into garments—or hats, for this matter—they instantly adapt to the wearer’s body shape when they are worn. Indeed, both textiles can help boost not just their confidence but also their sex appeal.

In addition, the process of wearing garments made from these materials is the same unless the PVC clothing is chlorinated. They only need a sprinkle of powder for effortless wear.

But that’s their similar qualities. What about their differences? One of the unique qualities of latex fabric is that they feel like a second skin. Because of its thinness, the wearer can still feel what touches their body, even if the body part is covered with the mentioned material. Furthermore, it’s biodegradable, which means this material is environmentally friendly.

Vinyl, on the other hand, isn’t. Since it’s plastic, it doesn’t break when you need to dispose of it. However, it’s a perfect choice for those with latex allergies since it’s skin-friendly.

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