About Us

So who are the brilliant minds behind Laidtex, anyway?

Well, we're a group of North Carolina based ladies and gents who firmly believe that everyone looks good in latex. From Kim Kardashian to all of our wonderful customers - including you, yes, you, the one reading our page right now - every single person on this Earth would look amazingly rad in a latex dress, cat suit or set of accessories.

We get it. Latex is misunderstood. For years, it languished in obscurity under the unfair and unfortunate label of "weird fetish wear" until its recent explosion onto the worldwide fashion scene. Our strong feelings on this matter inspired us to create Laidtex, a stylish brand which merges fetish and fashion with accessibility, quality and amazing service.

Currently, we have three amazing writers and salesfolks on staff who are more than ready to answer your every single question about our amazing range of latex products:

High Couture Haleigh is a fashionista who can be found rocking her huge collection of colorful latex minidresses at the local bars and nightclubs. Her personal philosophy is "you can never own too much latex" or possibly "latex goes with everything". She has been a latex fan for nearly a decade and is beyond thrilled to finally be able to share her passion with the world!

Amorous Alex is a part-time Dom and active member of various BDSM and fetish communities. He is the author of most of our articles about the fetish and dreams of someday publishing an autobiography about his own latex-encased journey towards discovering and accepting himself for the kinky fellow he truly is. He challenges all of you to send in your questions about the fetish and lifestyle - he's happy to answer every single one of them!

Number-Crunchin' Nancy is our head of sales and will answer any questions you may have about our prices, shipping options deals, sales and more! She is fairly new to the world of latex and had actually never worn a latex suit or dress before teaming up with her good friends Haleigh and Alex to start this site. However, she was pretty much an instant convert and now is well on her way to filling her wardrobe with brand new latex gear.

Welcome to Laidtex! We're excited and honored to be able to join you on your journey through the weird, wide, wild, wonderful world of latex!