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Sexy Wetlook and Dresses

Tight rubber wear has evolved—from the depths of the forbidden lair of kinky play to the flashy runways of the highly successful designer houses. Not to be mistaken as a mere superhero jumpsuit, the latex craze has triggered a massive fan following with celebrities wearing it from Tokyo to New York. And why not? This body-forming medium makes a bold statement in women's as well as men's fashion industries. The tightness of latex on the skin is what drives all these aficionados to keep on wearing a latex dress. It's like donning nothing as latex is thin and lightweight. Plus-size enthusiasts appreciate how this tight texture emphasizes all their assets. Rubber wear is not just limited to jumpsuits or skirts. Everything from halter tops to more formal ruffled dresses, latex apparel is versatile. Feel like a real star. It's time to take the rubber fashion plunge.

Eight Types of Dresses

Variety is what makes latex wear top-notch. You have the flirty minis that accentuate the legs, as well as the famous hobble skirts that came to be popular during the mid-1900s. Alternatively, wedding dresses can be made latex too with the rise of latex gowns. Pencil and skater skirts can be paired with a long-sleeve shirt for formal occasions. Playful bondage sissy and maid costumes are versatile. Some are even designed for plus-size enthusiasts. These are sensational pieces that you can match with any bodycon PVC-made dress or even faux leather. It's easy to wear and maintain and has impeccable beauty that will entice anyone.


The scandalous sissy is here. It's short, tight and, made of latex! Nothing can be more cunning than donning a mini! Wearing a body-forming short skirt, exposing your sultry legs gives you the attention of everyone in the room. There are a ton of options, from one-piece long-sleeved outfits to more provocative off-shoulder pieces. You can even choose among the PVC or faux leather choices if you have rubber allergies. Moreover, a charismatic black mini dress can go from formal meetings to fun night-outs. This high neck mini is a total standout with tons of color options. Choose your teeny mini; you will not regret it!


There is no limit to where you can use these lovely latex dresses. With spanking skirts, you can be sure you are in for intimate touching and sensual playing. Talk about scandalous, this stunning spank dress exposes the supple ass, giving the Master ample area to do the obvious, spanking, of course! Exposing the ass does not only entice the Dom. This design also provides confidence to the Sub that those sizeable bottom cheeks are given proper homage. Worn alone or paired with sexy lingerie, a spanking skirt is available in several color tones. This naughty spanking skirt is a total bombshell. Grab it today!


During the mid-1900s, several strong women felt the need to claim power through their choices of dress. That is why the hobble skirt found its way to the fashion trend and eventually to latex wear! Longer than the minis and not as outrageous, this kind of style will mold your body in the best ways possible. These items can be worn in both formal and sensual affairs. With most having adjustable zippers or buttons, anyone will find it comfortable to wear for long hours. Express your personality with different colors available, like this striking hobble dress.


Nothing elevates a look from being boring to stunning better than the oh-so-sultry pencil skirts. Any working babe will attest to the comfort and swag that this look gives! Ditch that monotonous Slax because a latex dress will do the trick. Tight around the ass down to the knee, your body will look snatched! Switch that look from day to night as these pieces are easily paired with other accessories. With most having zippers for better wear, all you need is confidence and, you are good to go! For an overall rubber apparel experience, the Sexy Black Latex Dominatrix Costume is a keeper.


Flirty and fun, that's two things to say about skater skirts. Inspired by the mesmerizing costume of figure skaters, these dresses are showstoppers. From streetwear to formal style, a skater dress can be worn however you want. Short and ruffled, it accentuates the legs while giving volume to the ass. Moreover, PVC skirts are also available if you are allergic to latex. Dark or light-colored, express yourself by mixing and matching any clothing item. Additionally, these skirts have adjustable buttons or latchets for comfortable wear. Keep it casual but classy like this badass skater dress!

Sissy and Maid

Who can deny the enticement of wearing a rubber servant dress? Any Lover will surely see how exciting, not to mention sexy, a maid outfit is! This outfit usually comes with a ruffled sleeve, an apron, a skirt, and maybe a headdress too. Vivid-colored options are excellent to show a spunky personality. Black and other dark hues are also available. This White Apron PVC Maid Dress gives you plenty of color options. Feel free to explore. For show or intimate purposes, having a latex babydoll outfit never goes out of style. Rubber or PVC, make sure you get the appropriate one for you!


Latex long dresses are the new ‘thing’. Whether it may be a grand entrance to a gathering or maybe, an intimate meeting for two, rubber gowns will surely make a lasting impression. Loved for their skin-tight fit, these evening wear will hug all the right curves while hiding the problem areas for a sexier look. These pieces have zippers to accommodate most sizes. Latex, leather, and some made of PVC, these gowns are sure to gather attention. This Latex Queen Femdom Outfit has tons of color schemes to choose from. Explore and have fun!


The allure of wearing a tight binding piece of clothing around the waist has transcended time and fashion. Corsets are no longer punishing items that choke the wearer like those used in the 16th century. It's a fashion statement now. A solid corset dress can be made of PVC or latex, depending on your preference. You can either wear this item as an undergarment or let it shine as a primary fashion piece like this Enchanting Rubber Doll Suit. Wear this for formal events or maybe showcase your trimmed waist to your lover in your own time.

Dress Materials and Colours: Including Black and Red

If you want a grand slam outfit, choose the rubber pieces. This material will give your silhouette the right kind of exposure. Latex is a versatile material. Although some may have allergic reactions to rubber, it has evolved with the rise of chlorinated latex. Here’s an in-depth review of the different kinds of latex and how they are different.

PVC or vinyl is another option. It's more economical but with less shine and stretchability as compared to latex pieces. Faux leather is also an alternative for those who prefer its luxe texture but for a higher price. It is vegan and more rigid yet has outstanding durability as compared to the rubber choices.

Moreover, these items are available in a ton of color schemes. Pink, purple, white, green even deep blue, matching your mood with any of these hues. How about striking a pose in a transparent, plastic ensemble? Some pieces even have UK sizes if that is your preference. For a bold statement, choose a classic black outfit. The mystery yet sultriness gives a distinct impression. Further, a red, long ensemble will show your confidence. After all, red is the color of desire and domination.

Clear or dark shades, there is one thing for sure. These dresses are making a mark everywhere they are worn.

Now that you have found the perfect dress to show your curves off, you can't skip checking out these outrageous yet pretty latex shoes and socks. It's easy to maintain so, you will have no issues. Even top designers now understand how latex dresses can revolutionize the wearer's experience. So make your move. It's time you grab yours!