Latex Arm Binders and Straitjackets

The Foolproof Way to Control Your Sub: Strait Jacket Bondage

With "Daddy's Lil' Monster" written on her shirt and a PUDDIN' embellished on her collar, there's no denying deranged Harley Quinn is Joker's ride-or-die submissive. Their D/S relationship is easy to spot, especially if you are playing the same game. Got a wild submissive like Quinn who needs extra taming? It's easy! Keep your mad bottom immobile like a patient in a solitary room with the use of a straitjacket.

Straitjackets, also spelled as straight jackets, are classic types of repurposed gear designed to satisfy a dominant's fetish for an intense power dynamic. It is because the word 'strait' means 'confinement.' The restriction of the garment appeals to BDSM enthusiasts so much that they have added it to their long list of sex tools.

What these straightjackets are used for depends on diverse considerations. For humiliation stints, common pairing involves latex-based items and any gagging tools. Other dominants usually go for more by employing cosplay and spanking devices to add thrill to the scene. However, it is important to note that arm bondage doesn't just revolve around tied straitjackets. It can also be in the form of armbinders, just as how submissive females are seen on their latex catsuits.

It has been proven time and again that the sky's the limit when it comes to the realm of BDSM. With the view of utter loss of control, straight jackets indeed have come a long way in redefining bondage scenes. Their peculiarity brings forth undeniable sex appeal that a dominant like you definitely shouldn't miss out on.

Which of These Two Arm Restraint Styles Is Right for You?

Sly submissives who deem handcuffs lousy will find arm restraints extra challenging. They can be in the form of straitjackets or armbinders, depending on the play you wish to explore. Work things out by learning their base materials and the tricks on maintaining their impressive quality and putting them on properly, especially if you opt for latex pieces.

Strait Jackets

Straight jackets are just like your regular cold-weather apparel. It has longer sleeves, extending on the tip of the fingers or could go farther than that. To wear it, the dominant has to cross the submissive's arms against the chest then fixate the ensemble's position using belt-like buckle locks or ties usually found at the backside. It is designed to withstand extreme movements, especially as wearers try to push against it, so it is expected to be of reliable strength and resiliency. Our Obedient Belle Bondage Straitjacket is an example of a straitjacket designed for hard, rough play, just like your slave.

Unlike sleepsacks, straitjackets are comfortable to be worn for an extended period. They also come in different colors you can choose from. Whether it is for your brat or slave, you can definitely get the right shade.

Depending on several considerations, a dominant like you can find bondage straitjackets in synthetic leather, rubber, latex and, PVC base materials. They are all tight-fitting and conform to the natural curves of the body. However, many kinksters prefer latex and rubber products better, as they appeal more to the senses.

Costumes for men and women appear in various structures too. It can be in the form of a dress, bolero, and catsuit with a corset if you like to recreate more provocative scenes with your partner. And as if those versions are not yet enough, you can also find an inflatable type ready to satisfy your fetishistic needs.

This thrill-seeking bondage gear can make sure your playtime stays as thematic as possible. Plan out your next bondage story, or you can be as spontaneous as you want things to be. Check the items available in this selection to find the right sexy piece for your submissive.

Armbinders and Monogloves

If wearing a straitjacket is listed in your partner’s hard limits, you can still experience the pleasure of total upper body restraint with the use of armbinders and monogloves.

An armbinder is a gear designed to bind the limbs of a submissive at the backside of the body. It appears in different forms such as harness, hogtie straps, cuffs and rods, single glove sheath, or monoglove. Often, it comes in synthetic leather, rubber, or latex material and has a wide range of color variations to choose from.

Monoglove is the most common type of this garment. It is worn by putting the elbow tightly close together in a tapered glove. Fixating the ensemble’s position is a long zipper or an adjustable lace-up corset tie and a shoulder or chest harness. To give you an example of how it is worn, take a look at this Risque Red Latex Armbinder.

Compared to straitjackets, many kinksters find armbinders a lot easier to use. It offers more leeway during playtime as it doesn’t cover anything. That means the wearer’s body is still free for exploration, so you can incorporate other sex tools for more action.

The Choice is Yours

Latex, rubber, PVC, and synthetic leather — these are the usual base materials of straitjackets and arm binders.

Latex and rubber straight jackets and bondage armbinders allow little to no movement as they are body conforming. They can be a little pricey, but you are actually getting what you paid for with their resiliency and tensility. Be cautious of chlorinated latex, though, as it differs in features from the untreated latex restraints.

Knowing your bottom's latex allergy is crucial as it can cause extreme health hazards. And if you are unsure and looking for an alternative, you can get these gears in PVC and synthetic leather.

Aiming for Maximum Security at Minimum Cost?

Don't let your sneaky submissive get away with your lousy restraint tools again! Aim for inexpensive and foolproof upper-body bondage with the gears in this collection. You can also visit our Dominatrix and BDSM selection for more exciting stuff you can use to your bottom. Our Latex Care products are also available to make the most out of your experience.