Corsets and Tops

This Is How To Highlight Your Curves

Riding on a swing wearing a shimmering gold corset while singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"–this is how Nicole Kidman's iconic entrance in the film Moulin Rouge! breathtakingly captured everyone's heart 20 years ago. Yes, two decades have already passed, but the revival of corsets as garments in highlighting natural body curves is still attributed to this movie. What's latest is they are now also used as bedroom staples. Sounds kinky, right? So what are these garbs again?

Corsets are fashion staples responsible for women's hourglass figures from the 16th century and even up to this day. Over time, their style has evolved from a simple sleeveless bodice to a sultry undergarment. However, its popularity wasn't as stable as people thought. Corsets only made a comeback in the 1940s to 1950s when burlesque dancers used them during their performances.

While they work excellently as tools in making the wearer’s body appear slimmer, BDSM enthusiasts saw them as potential bondage tools and mistress's costumes for aesthetics. A dominant may ask a submissive to wear one, especially latex-based corsets, for rubber fetish and restriction of movement.

You may not be blessed with voluptuous curves, but with latex or rubber bodices and tops, you can still enhance and accentuate what you got!

Discover the Many Types of Tops and Corsets

Choosing the best tops and corsets takes a lot of considerations. Some of them are fashion style, occasion, color, the wearer's complexion, base material, quality, the latest trend, and even fetish.

With our Latex Tops and Corsets collection, a wide range of waist-cinching and curve-hugging ensembles await you. So why latex? Many people prefer this material as it looks unique and sleek when worn. It is also easy to maintain, especially as you get used to wearing one.

Can't wear latex pieces? Don't worry! There are products made of vinyl, synthetic leather, and PVC included in this selection just for you.


Corset, also known as waist trainer, is a garb worn around the torso to cinch the waist. Ensuring the girdle's tight-fit are the boning channels, waist-stay straps, laces or locks, and busk fasteners.

Today's corsets are far from their original look and intended use. The undergarments once only worn by upper-class women are now available to everyone. The new design of these bodices enables ladies to put them on with minimal or without support at all. Since noblewomen before were entitled to have groups of servants to assist them, the adjustable laces back then were not as convenient as nowadays. Another difference between vintage corsets and new ones is their use. They are now worn as sexy tops for fashion style. Some also wear them for lumbar support to alleviate lower-back pain. But most importantly, rubber and bondage fetishists found these pieces’ restrictive nature sexually appealing; hence they are now also worn during kinky practices.

Popular shades of these garments are the foxy ones. They are mostly black and red. But if you want to keep a naughty and playful vibe, bubbly colors like yellow, pink, purple, and blue are also available for you.

These garbs are classified according to silhouette, size, length, position, base material, and the prevalent period they were infamous.

You can find corsets in high-end components like rubber or latex should you opt for more transformative pieces. There are also corsets available in vinyl, faux leather, and PVC. Attending a raunchy party soon? Or perhaps you’d love to see your partner partially immobile during a kinky scene? Let the Red Valentine Vinyl Corset help you make them happen!

Planning to recreate vintage bondage scenes during the Elizabethan, Victorian, or Edwardian eras? Why not! Match it with your other restraint tools, and that's it! Just remember to wear it for not more than 8 hours every day to keep the body’s blood flow in normal range.

Depending on your bust-shaping preference, the main types of this bodice include underbust or bustier, overbust, and mid-bust style. From these three, you can categorize its different designs to the Wasp and Waspie, S-Curve, Pipe Stem, Waist-cincher, Corselette, Ribbon, Guepiere, Front-laced or Front-back laced, and Hourglass.

Indeed, corsetry has come a long way in proving its versatility. Its designs and styles evolved era after era. Discover the differences and find one that suits you or your partner best when you visit this collection.


A vest is a sleeveless fashion staple worn over another piece of garment. Its name originated from the French word “veste,” which means jacket or a sport coat. Before it was known to be the men’s third-piece in the customary three-piece business attire, its length extended up to the knee with elbow sleeves.

This piece of clothing has evolved throughout the years. And now, it has been part of women’s fashion too. From its customary plain cotton base material, vests are now available in fur, nylon, tweed and puffy fabrics, silk, polyester, and even rubber or latex.

Also, vests’ styles vary according to their use and designs. Some can be worn during cold days, while others are made as part of a business suit. There’s one for the gym and casual attire. But if you love getting kinky with your partner, then latex or rubber vests will surely do the trick! Take a look at this Handsome Hubby Latex Vest for inspiration. This component is body-conforming, perfect in accentuating all the natural curves of the body.

May the wearer be a man, or a woman; it doesn’t really matter! As long as you got a latex or rubber vest, playtime will always be best!


Who doesn’t own at least one shirt? Shirts are the casual staples that take most of everyone’s closet space. They are known for their usefulness and flexibility.

If you ever wonder what shirt styles are a must-have, there's the Oxford Button-Down, Dress Shirt, Flannel, Denim, Linen, Camp, Chambray, T-shirt, Polo, and Mandarin-Collared. They may all look the same, but they differ in design and embellishments. You can find them with buttons, collar or long or short sleeves. The most popular colors of these ensembles are black, red, gray, and navy blue. While the typical shirts in the market are made of cotton, there are some that you can also find in top-notch components like latex or rubber.

Should you wish to find out what it looks like, you can see this men's Short Sleeve Latex Shirt. This style can be best worn to showcase the wearer's fit physique as it is tight-fitting. Use one to get into the kinky world of BDSM, most especially if you want to please your dominant. Be that irresistible object of desire! Make sure your look is always on top of the game with the shirts in this collection.


Tops are essential in everyone's closet. These are pieces of clothing designed to cover at least the bust area. Depending on the wearer's body shape, fashion taste, color preference, there are many available upper-body garments in the market. So, let's dig deeper to know more about all of them.

Every top's style differs in terms of cut, sleeves, neckline, and functionality. You can have one in casual, streetwear, preppy, punk, grunge, classic, bohemian, or sporty design. Of course, these choices are available depending on when and where you will wear them. Some look for tops to don as their everyday piece, for special occasions and work, while others invest in BDSM costumes.

Mistresses and slaves do need unique tops to make their playtime as thematic as possible. They also find clothes that are suitable for this kind of lifestyle. But with the wide range of options to choose from, it can be a little bit overwhelming. So what should be taken into consideration to find the best ones?

Let these details be your guide:

Color: Sultry and daring shades like red and black are usually reserved for the dominants. These tones match accurately with their authoritative disposition. Slaves can also wear black, depending on the top’s design, while the brats and littles can don the lively ones such as pink, blue, purple, and yellow.

Base Materials: Standard tops are usually made of cotton, but BDSM practitioners usually go for rubber or latex for fetish. Their sleekness and the way they cling to the wearer's skin make them irresistible materials. However, there are instances when a person can't wear anything of latex and rubber components. That's why there are wetlook options like PVC and vinyl items also available in this selection.

Should you opt for latex and rubber pieces, wearing them takes a lot of effort. You can use talcum powder or lubes to slip on these types of clothes easily. Gently put it on and avoid getting it in contact with sharp materials that can rip its surface.

Style: Halter, cropped, basque, blouse, tube, bolero, waistcoat, and tank top–these are the usual styles worn by dominants and slaves. Whether it is an item of everyday clothing to showcase the lifestyle or for the BDSM scene, there's definitely a right top for you! Check this product out for inspiration, Beautiful Busty Latex Waistcoat.

Choosing tops is not easy. Own your lifestyle and think of what you need to play your role precisely.

You Won't Believe These Alternatives

Latex or rubber tops and corsets should have a space in your closet, especially if you are standing on the kinky side. They do well in accentuating voluptuous curves, making their wearers extra sultry and alluring. Some manufacturers also chlorinated latex pieces to lessen the friction when being worn. Since they are naturally produced, they are more expensive and likely to cause allergic reactions. And if you have confirmed that you are not compatible with these components, fret not! There are wetlook alternative products made of PVC, synthetic leather, and vinyl that you can count on. They are cheaper and hypoallergenic, so you can lay all your worries to rest.

A Collection of Tops and Corsets to Rave

Dedicated to both dominants and submissives is this collection of upper-body garments. Look no further in getting the best costume to wear on your next BDSM play; Laidtex is here to save the day! You can also visit our selection of gloves to complete your attire and cleaning materials to maintain the quality of your latex pieces.