Latex Collars and Cuffs

Why Collars and Cuffs Are Essential for Bondage and BDSM

You are a jealous partner. A pure Dom at heart who likes to capture the helpless Submissive inside your lair. Marking your Sub is all part of the game.

History will tell that your collars and cuffs are a way to keep your Bottoms at ease. These tools are used to discipline Slaves, both in bed and in real penitentiaries.

BDSM neckpieces and armbands are an excellent way to capture your lover. Not only does it keep them in place during collar sex, but it can also have O-rings to connect all your bondage tools in place.

Collaring your women, or men for that matter gives you full power even when you're not around. A choker around your lover's beautiful neck tells others to stay away. It symbolizes ownership between the Master and the Slave. Additionally, these accessories can be as discreet for everyday wear. It can be as simple as a leather strap on the neck or be as extravagant that connects it to other BDSM toys for more character.

Bondage cuffs have stainless-steel options, loops of hemp, or heavy hitters like hogtie bands. These wrist or leg restraints can be subtle or ornate, depending on your preference.

Collars and cuffs are either insane or mundane. Pick your poison!

Six Types of Collars and Cuffs

You have training or consideration collars for newcomers to BDSM. Others that feature O-rings are called pet play collars. Another variety is the subtle day collars, while permanent chokers are for serious players. Shock and posture collars are dynamic accessories used in bondage. Despite their unique styles and purposes, the process of wearing and maintaining these accessories is the same.


Once you're in an adult BDSM arrangement, you will feel the need to get the perfect neckband that suits your needs. Collars are beautiful pieces that fulfill a ton of bondage desires. Used as restraints, a symbol of ownership, or simply as sexy eye candy, you need a fancy neckpiece!

Collars are usually a strap or jewelry worn around the neck like a choker. The sub can wear any neck locking accessory according to how the Master wants to use it. Training neckbands are easy-to-use pieces that any Submissive can use. A thick, posture leash usually gives little to no room for movements around the neck of the slave for intense submission play.

Any kinky slut will need to be tamed with a day collar to ward off any Dominant onlookers. And, some pieces can only be removed with the Master's permission, called permanent neckpieces. Are you feeling a bit frisky? You will enjoy the pet play neckpieces or the more sinister shocking shock chokers.

Some chokers have luxe materials like leather and latex. As these are more expensive options, the rise of synthetic rubber and faux leather cuts the price tag to almost half. That way, enthusiasts can enjoy the same incredible feeling without the hefty cost. Still, some variations are for more sinister play, like some stainless-steel options.

Of course, bedroom teasing is where these chokers are used, but there is no limit to where or when you can wear one. High fashion moments call for stand-out pieces, and these accessories elongate the neck for a sexier vibe. This Black Sexy Sub Collar is a stunning leather collar with extrinsic metal details!

These pieces are made with adjustable straps. Modify the latchets to your liking then, fasten them in place. Some choker pieces have D-rings that you can easily pair with your other bondage tools. If it is properly placed on the neck, then it can be worn for as long as you want. Additionally, other items extend to become corsets or brassieres. Available in a vast selection of colors, these are great worn with underwear or alone if that is your fetish!

You see, collars are not just BDSM tools. These items can be dressed casually like an inconspicuous piece of ornament. Whether you're a serious bondage player or just a quirky fashionista, these chokers are a total must-have!


Who can deny the sexual appeal of bondage restraints? Seasoned BDSM players or vanilla couples all have one thing in common: they want to own their partner.

Cuffs are physical restraints used to hinder movements on the limbs. Usually made of leather, these are crafted with ample cushions around the lining for comfortable wear. Latex restraints are also available for those who adore the smooth texture of this material.

The simple design becomes more dramatic as your needs increase. Some leg restraints are to be installed in bedposts. Still, distinct designs hold not just the wrist but the neck and head too. Others have chains and D-rings for easier attachment to other tools. A few have flashy colors, while others have simple details like this stunning piece Red Trimmed Black Bondage Cuffs.

Although debilitating, these handcuffs usually have adjustable straps for a better fit. One can wear these pieces for up to hours, depending on the design and expertise of the wearer. Restraining wristbands can be worn alone. But it would be more exciting with a ring gag and maybe a rubber suit.

It's time to get locked. Cuff tight; It's going to be a wild ride.

How to Choose the Right Material

When it comes to collar and cuff materials, leather is popular. It is valued for its durability and striking features. This thick material is smooth but a bit on the expensive side. Fabrics like nylon and cotton are softer and a cheaper option. If you are on the hardcore side, stainless steel is an excellent choice. Unforgiving in nature, practice is needed to master this pricey alternative.

Another leader in band material is latex. A stretchable medium with solid texture, it has a lot of varieties. This material is also easy to maintain. Although there are certain allergies, innovations like chlorinated rubber are the future of latex wear.

Mischievous Law Enforcement

Place your Slave under arrest. Lock that Missy and be the rightful owner. By now, you may have realized that cuffs and collars are a must for total subjugation. Check out more accessories in this repertoire of bondage tools. Choose your weapon well. It won't be an easy feat. Happy shopping!