Latex Costumes

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Kinky Costumes

Who's your alter-ego? Would it be a hero like Catwoman who has a history of being a thief? Or a villain like Venom, who was once an ordinary man? Or perhaps you want to become the animal of your liking? Maybe a different person in another profession?

Transform into one that you really want to become. Do it with props so you can effectively portray your role! And if it's a realistic costume that you need, then get these latex gears!

But why latex of all materials? Not only will they dress you like the real deal, but they will also make you look so sexy!

Popular Types of Costumes

Schoolgirl uniforms, Barbie and Anime clothes, Lolita suits—these are some of the most popular costumes you can find here. There are also those which mimic nurses, nuns, maids—even superheroes and heroines! All these highlight the boobs and the body curves, including the buttocks. But the best thing about them all is that they are not gender-exclusive. Men and sissies can also wear a costume of their own!

First time trying an elastic bodysuit? No worries! Be guided on how to put on latex clothes effectively here. You may also want to know how to keep them fresh and clean to prolong their shelf-life once you have yours.

Sexy Nun

Show your piousness to your master by dressing in a reverend latex dress. Be a sinner and submit to your lover as you wear a loose overall that may come with a wimple or a hood. Most have sleeves, while others are sleeveless. Some are accentuated with cross symbols, while some come simple.

If you want to get a slutty yet stunning look, try this Sinful Sexy Nun Costume. This rubber outfit will define all your curves and will tickle your lover's naughty mind. If your partner has a fetish for nuns, then this is the best costume for you! It’s great for parties, too, especially during Halloween!

Naughty Nurse

Caregiving is your passion. Even if your lover doesn't need it, you take time to take care of him. You wash his body with his clothes on and help him pee even if he can do it on his own. You just love pampering and spoiling him with your affection. If it's so you, a nurse's outfit suits your body for sure!

Clothe your body with this Field Medix Latex Nurse Costume to get your man's full attention as you serve him with all your love. This red-cross-printed rubber bodycon dress will surely strengthen your man's weak knees. Or will he get weaker as he sees your cleavage with it?

Dutiful Maid

Serving your partner is your eternal promise to yourself. That's why you love being his servant. It excites and turns you on when he spanks you as a reward for jobs well done. Well, impress your lover more by dressing in a latex uniform for maids!

Curtsy to your lover with a maid's outfit on. Short-sleeved, skin-tight top and loose skirt with ruffled edges—these are some of the features of maids' costumes that you can find here. Most are made of latex, but PVC dresses exist, too. Some come with aprons and headbands, while others have provocative cleavage windows on them, like this French-maid-inspired Fiery Latex Maid Dress.


You are demure by day and a strength-thief by night. You rob your man's energy whenever you play naughtily in the evening. For that, here's a Cat woman outfit that suits your attitude so well!

Wrap your body with this sexy jumpsuit that runs from the neck down to the ankles. This snug-fitting bodysuit will spice up your ordinary nights to a more intense play! This women's costume is perfect for intimate roleplays and even for cosplay events. You can choose from the ones made of latex, but faux leather materials are available too.

Looking for a cat suit for sale? This Playful Catwoman Halloween Costume surely fits your body!


Save your lover's day like a hero by entertaining him with your action-packed moves in your play.

Wear a costume like the Baroness suit, the Harley Quinn outfit, or the Spiderman costume if you want to try cross-dressing. But if you feel like being strong and confident, then consider the most powerful Superwoman Latex Costume!


Why dress as a ghost at Halloween parties when you can wear a muscle suit to attract the audience? Flaunt your sultry breasts and curvy waist under a latex sheet with this Princess Leia Latex Cosplay catsuit! There is no need to apply make-up as your costume will do all the magic to your overall look!

Anime and Cosplay

Anime has imposed a very high standard on people's perception of beauty. While your facial features can't be changed to those in cartoons, you can dress like these characters instead. The Evangelion Latex Plugsuit is an example of a cosplay suit that will improve your entire look. There are also costumes made of PVC in this collection, so browse now!

Doll and Sissy

Humiliation is one of the significant parts of BDSM plays. If your man is stubborn to your rules, order him to wear a costume that's entirely against his will—like a doll or a sissy suit! Imagine him wearing this Devoted Latex Doll Outfit. If this rubber dress can't put him to shame, then what else will?


A hung dick requires an animalistic face. If your man's cock is like a horse's, have him wear this Latex Horse Suit Head. Not only will it suit his junk's size, but it will also bring kink to your regular nights!

Other animal suits available are dog, bunny, and pony costumes, so choose which character to play!

Mermaid Tail

Level up your restraints plays with a costume that will totally bind your lower limbs! Wear a mermaid suit and flap your tail as a sign of joy and satisfaction as your lover plays on the upper part of your body!

Want to see an example? Be mesmerized with the beauty of the Maidenly Latex Mermaid Tail!

Costume Materials

These costumes are charming and cute but know that they differ in their materials. There is latex, which sometimes undergoes chlorination processes. This material, if pure, may cause allergies to some users. There are also PVCs or vinyl and faux leathers, which are cheaper.

It is essential to distinguish the products you are buying to get only the authentic ones!

Release the Inner You

Whatever the occasion is, these outfits will truly stand out! Elevate their style with our Gloves and Boots and Shoes. And, keep them always clean with these excellent and effective Latex Care products!

Free up your alter-ego. Release your other self by wearing these Latex Costumes. Collect them all now!