Latex Sleepsacks

You Won't Believe This Mummification Bondage Fetish

The wrath of the Pharaohs of Egypt is dawning. They have seen your lust and passion growing. Your dominance knows no bounds, just like the regime of the famous Egyptian Kings and Queens. And what better way to indulge than by erotic mummification to impose total control over your partner?

Sleepsack bondage is the epitome of power. This kind of play imposes complete command of your Sub's body, thus heightening all their senses. Latex is the preferred material for some practitioners because of its dense character. Bagging with firm materials offers complete immobility. Forget about complicated roping techniques. A quality BDSM bag will restrict your Slave from head to toe by simply wearing it. The bagged Sub can even do self-locking with some options offering zippers that secure from the inside.

If you plan to lock your partner for an extended period, then a bodybag casing is a great way to go. Additionally, if your Sissy is a troublemaker, and can wiggle out of an ordinary cuff, then this enclosed sleeve is going to cut off that revolting disobedience. Any bondage case that does not cover the head is excellent for pairing with other restriction tools. You will also enjoy inflatable options for a more adventurous play. Or when you are feeling frisky, go all out with a latex total enclosure.

Moreover, your partner's sleeping bag fetish will be satiated as the texture will envelop the limbs like a tight cocoon. Contained in a leash, your Submissive will feel the smooth pressure of a firm material on that greedy skin. That's what it's like being locked in a sack — Detained, yet comfortable, pressured, yet still aware of the sensation.

The bagging experience depends on a lot of things. How long they stay in a sleep sack will primarily depend on the level of expertise and willingness of the Sub. In general, when things get a bit uncomfortable, your Mummy should say a safe word for release. Many beginners prefer to be bagged for shorter periods while extreme enthusiasts enjoy overnight sleep-bound pursuits.

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to this confining restrictive sheath. As a rule, you can start on the more manageable, open faced-options then work your way to the more constricting items.

Play dirty, but be nice, Pharaohs of lust are watching. You are in the world of mummified BDSM. Welcome!


Anyone who has ever tried adult bondage is going to find the sleep sack experience exhilarating.

The 'infamous' latex bag covers every part of the body, from the head down to the toes.

This BDSM tool is just like the ordinary sleeping bag, plus a whole dash of kinkiness. Usually built for long-term bondage use, these confining containers are zipped, or tied to secure. The wearer can self-bind or let the Master do the honors in tightening the restraints. This process is very satisfying for both parties as each fetish is completely satisfied with these sleeves! The Sub can be naked or wear underwear while inside. With proper hydration and knowledge of the process for safety, it's going to be unforgettable!

Thrill-seekers spend the night on this cocoon for fun! Still, beginners are welcome to test the waters for a couple of hours, then go full-on. You can skip practicing complicated cuffing techniques to gain control over your Slave. The convenient yet total immobilization is a tease for the hungry Masters. Plus, it's not difficult to set up, so kinky get-aways are achievable!

As with any kinky accessory, the sleep sack has a lot of varieties. Some choices are made of neoprene or leather which are secure materials for total immobilization. Others are made of satin and spandex. Still, the popular preference is latex. Additionally, sizing depends on the materials. Thick, unforgiving varieties like this beauty need specific body measurements for proper fitting.

You can explore full-body enclosures or stay with the open-head choices. Inflatable mummy sleepsacks are available too! Moreover, you can use this alone or with other kinky tools. Mix and match with light-colored sleeves or with solid black hues.

No more excuses. Whether for simple role-playing or extreme adventures like suspension BDSM, these covers will give absolute restriction!

All About Materials

BDSM play is all about complete control and total lack of it. And nothing says 'restriction' better than when your Sissy is inside a body bag, unable to perform even the slightest movements.

One of the most popular options for BDSM material is latex. This material can expand to accommodate the wearer and shrink for that tight sensation. Additionally, a sleep sack made of rubber has a specific texture that many find to be addicting. Aside from the fact that a synthetic latex cover is cheaper than most, Enthusiasts can now enjoy latex texture without the hefty price.

Leather is another option. More rigid, it gives little room for a comfortable stretch in between sessions. Moreover, the Spandex restriction bag is much like lycra-made sheaths which are cheaper than most. These pieces have maximum stretchability but these easily tear during rough play. PVC sleeping covers are designed to be thin and usually see-through. There is also a satin bondage sack with its luxe texture but deliriously expensive price tag!

Rubber is an excellent option with its reasonable price and outstanding restrictive capabilities. Just be wary of allergic reactions to this material. It's good to know the varieties of rubber and all other developments like the new craze, chlorinated latex.

Captives of Power

Own your slave, like the Pharaohs of the desert. Latex body bags are easy to maintain and handy yet they offer full-body control. A true Master is not afraid to try new tools like these Dominatrix and BDSM pieces. And if you are all about extreme play, then you cannot miss out on these tools! Indulge like a true Dom, and confine your Sub today.