Breezy Black PVC Mini Dress
Breezy Black PVC Mini Dress
Breezy Black PVC Mini Dress
Breezy Black PVC Mini Dress
Breezy Black PVC Mini Dress
Breezy Black PVC Mini Dress

Preparing for some hot stuff loving this evening? Why not go for some bold and daring outfit? Something that says you want sex, but it would also be fun to play just a little bit. Well, Laidtex here got something that speaks of your inner desire. Meet the Breezy Black PVC Mini Dress.

You can never go wrong in putting this skimpy and sultry dress on as you sashay your way through a hot and kinky night. More than its sexiness, you will also find this piece stylish with its criss-cross strap in the front part and stocking lace materials on both sides. It has a push-up bra that will lift your boobies for a plumper projection and a tight-fitting bottom to accentuate your booty. Furthermore, it has aesthetic metal studs on its linings that will help you showcase the curves of your body.

This ensemble is made of PVC fabric, making it sleek and glossy. Once worn, it lays flat on your body as if hugging all your curves. Pair it with your sheer lace top-high stockings and black high heels, and you are ready to slay the night away!

Remember, it pays to get your accurate body measurements before buying this piece. You wouldn't want it to be too tight that it may give you discomfort and restrict your movements. And you also wouldn't want it to be loose because what's the point of getting a skimpy outfit if it won't be able to showcase your curves like magic, right?

For proper wearing, make sure to put this dress on first before wearing your fancy accessories. They may have pointy and sharp edges that will rip off or damage the surface of this piece. Whatever you do with this ensemble, do it as gently as possible. Its lasting durability lies in how you take care of it.

So, what are you still waiting for? Grab this outfit now! 

Color Black
Material PVC
Sizes M, L. XL - Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash only
Do not put in the dryer
Do not iron.

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Breezy Black PVC Mini Dress

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