Black Vinyl Panties and Bra Set
Black Vinyl Panties and Bra Set
Black Vinyl Panties and Bra Set
Black Vinyl Panties and Bra Set

Black Vinyl Panties and Bra Set

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Achieving a healthy physique entails a lot of commitment. Maintaining a lifestyle that supports your goals in having a great body can sometimes become challenging. And as you finally achieve your dream, you obviously want to show it off.

Giving your hard-earned curves the exposure they deserve calls for a nice outfit. You can't just choose anything ordinary; you have to grab something unique, but it will still hug your profile the way you want it.

You are on the right page because the Black Vinyl Panties and Bra Set are perfect for that. It's a unique attire that is made of high-grade vinyl that has good stretchability. This feature will tighten up your problem areas like the abdomen. Moreover, the bra has a see-thru mesh that surrounds the cup. This detail provides a sultry look. Any onlooker will be able to see the skin through a teasing covering. The undies that this set comes with have two straps that will look playful when worn.

Grab your measuring tape, and make sure to get the size that you can wear without any hassle, not too tight or too baggy. This pair can only be appreciated when it has just the right fit.

Having this in your closet will make sure you have an option when you want to wear something revealing yet elegant. The black shade will look stunning when you pair it with any color. You can dress this down with a pair of washed-off jeans and a boyfriend polo. Or go totally diva and pair this with knee-high boots! The essence of multifaceted apparel is its ability to be paired with different attire and transform you into a new person.

Give homage to your hard-earned body frame with a suitable 2-piece made of high-quality vinyl. Grab this set today!


Color Black
Fabric Type Vinyl
Sizes M, L, XL: Refer to the size chart below
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach. Do not iron. Hand-wash in warm water

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