Glorious Goddess Hood with Ponytail Hole
Glorious Goddess Hood with Ponytail Hole
Glorious Goddess Hood with Ponytail Hole

There are just some items that can help you earn respect even if you don't try so hard. When it comes to BDSM kink play, there are tons of different tools to upgrade your vibe, transforming your look to the ultimate Dominatrix. You can wear a naughty suit, maybe grab your whip out, but nothing will ever be darker than wearing a mask that covers all of your facial features and has a menacing design.

The face has a lot of association. Your Sub can quickly get out of character when he sees your reaction to the things he does to you, but when you have the Glorious Goddess Hood with Ponytail Hole on, he will be tamed like a scared cat with just one look.

Keep complete control of your partner with this mask on. This is not your ordinary hood, as this item is a real character in itself. It features a latex-made sheath that will cover your entire face. The added metal studs are a stunning addition as it gives the cover a very malicious touch. You will love to know that this mask has an open eye for you to see the glorious things that your Sub is doing. Your mouth is also free to give and take pleasure with an added oral slit. A Queen is never complete without her magnificent mane. Take your throne because this mask has an attractive ponytail that you can flip as you perform erotic deeds all through the night. Hit all the right spots because this ponytail can also double as a whip. What's a sexual escapade without a bit of headbanging, right?

Be confident as this is made of latex, a material reliable for its stretchability. This material will be a stunning crowning glory as it does have a mesmerizing shine that will capture anyone. Just be sure to grab water-soluble lube if you encounter any difficulty while trying this mask on.

Make way for the ultimate Baddie headgear. This beauty is available in six stunning colors, so grab one today!

Color Black, Pink, White, Purple, Red, Transparent
Fabric Type Latex
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - Refer to the size chart below
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach. Do not iron. Hand wash in warm water.



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Glorious Goddess Hood with Ponytail Hole

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