Naughty Neighbour Spanking
Naughty Neighbour Spanking
Naughty Neighbour Spanking
Naughty Neighbour Spanking

Naughty Neighbour Spanking

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Clothes are such a distinctive way to express yourself. What you wear can make or break an impression, so wearing the right kinds of apparel for any occasion is pretty essential.

If you are into kinky playing, you will appreciate how everything you put in your session will elevate your experience. For example, when you try out different costumes, you will feel like being transported to a different location or making a new partner. And that is what the Naughty Neighbour Latex Spanking Skirt will do for you.

Expect nothing but trouble when you have this on. Yes, you do have the tight latex that will cover your ass down to the knee. But when you turn around, give him a good show with a peek of your butt! Yes, a big slit is located at the top portion that shows off your gorgeous curves in the most provocative manner. So shake your booty and tease your partner till he begs for your touch!

Nothing short of scandalous, this model is modest and malicious all in one. So go ahead and play bad teacher with your partner. A little role-playing with a new ensemble on is always a good idea.

Make no mistake; these are stunning clothes that also need some TLC. You won't like a nasty outfit so follow the instructions listed in the box here.

Keep in mind that this skirt only comes in a medium size. However, latex does sit close to the skin, so better be sure that this will fit you perfectly. You don't want a skirt that will be too skimpy or too baggy to wear.

Keep your kinky obsession alive with a bit of change here and there. This is a perfect item to add that is not too complicated; wear it, and your good to tantalize! Buy it today!

Color Black
Sizes Waist - 25 - 29 inches
Hip - 33 inches - 35 inches
Length - 25 ½ inches
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach, Do not iron, Hand wash in warm water
Sizing Guide