Sleek PVC Boxer Shorts
Sleek PVC Boxer Shorts
Sleek PVC Boxer Shorts
Sleek PVC Boxer Shorts
Sleek PVC Boxer Shorts

Sexiness is highly subjective. What's attractive for you may not be charming for others. Some think abdominal muscles look ravishing, but for you, a tiny hint of belly fat looks marvelous.

Whatever your concept of "sexiness" is, you will look stunning if you choose the perfect garment for your body. For example, the Sleek PVC Boxer Shorts will transform your body, whatever shape and figure it is, into one that is generally accepted as a sexy bod.

It's made of PVC fabric, making it shiny. It's also a little stretchy and highly snug-fitting. With its skin-tight fit, it takes the shape of the wearer's body so well when worn. It has a simple yet classic design—a high-cut, low-waist boxer style with a ring on the side for added drama. It is available in four sizes—medium to double extra-large. But take note that as this is somehow stretchable, you need to adjust your measurements. The box below specifies the body dimensions fit for the sizes available.

This pair of shorts can be used as an undergarment or as casual attire. You can also use it as swimwear if you want. But it would be best to match it with body slings and other sex toys like whips, paddles, collars, and chains. Use it in BDSM parades or costume events. You can attach a leash to the ring on its side and play the role of a submissive slave. Oh! And don't forget that you can also wear it on your ordinary kinky nights with your partner. He or she will surely be surprised with how you will look with this garment on—sexier than ever!

You do not have to worry about your body built anymore. This pair of shorts will do the trick in making you look steaming hot and exquisite. Get your Sleek PVC Boxer Shorts today. Hit the "Add to Cart" button now!


Color Black
Material PVC
Sizes M, L, XL, XXL: Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions
Hand wash.
Machine Wash (put in a mesh bag first).
Do not iron.
Do not use chlorine-based solution.
Use PVC/leather-friendly cleaner.


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Sleek PVC Boxer Shorts

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