Seductive Black Vinyl Dress
Seductive Black Vinyl Dress
Seductive Black Vinyl Dress
Seductive Black Vinyl Dress

Seductive Black Vinyl Dress

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Size M

Don't you just love being the life of the party and the crowd's favorite? Everyone sees you as a fun and exciting person. Men would line up to buy you a drink or to ask you for a dance. Women, on the other hand, would do everything to be part of your circle. Sounds like a badass party girl, right? Oh well, a reputation like that should always be worn like a crown. Every party night is a chance to slay! Don't forget to have full make-up on and sashay your way wearing this Seductive Black Vinyl Dress.

This ensemble will make indeed make you stand out! With its shiny and smooth vinyl fabric, you know all eyes of the crowd will be set on your irresistible stance. It is a halter-type mini dress that features a prominent cutout on the bust area, giving the onlookers the best view of your sultry cleavage. More so, the slinky bottom part of the dress will help you accentuate that voluptuous ass. It is backless and skimpy. It will surely drive all men crazy!

To wear this dress, make sure you put it on first before your fancy accessories. As you know, they may have sharp edges or pointy tips that may damage the surface of this piece. You can find lace on the nape part halter, so you can tie it up to stay in place. It may take a while for you to get comfortable with this outfit, so to lessen the friction and help yourself feel at ease, you can put on some talc powder on your torso.

Don't forget to measure your body precisely before getting this mini dress. Since it is tight-fitting, you wouldn't want it to be too tight than it already is because it would restrict your movements. And you wouldn't want it also to be a little loose because what's the whole point of getting a skimpy dress without showing off your curves, right?

Stand out from the rest of the crowd and instantly capture everyone's attention when you add this slinky mini dress to your cart today.

Color Black
Material Vinyl
Sizes M, L, XL - Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash only;
Do not put in the dryer;
Do not iron.
Sizing Guide

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