Flirtatious PVC Mini Skirt
Flirtatious PVC Mini Skirt
Flirtatious PVC Mini Skirt
Flirtatious PVC Mini Skirt

Flirtatious PVC Mini Skirt

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Color Black
Size XL

You have been demure all your life, and all you want is to have a mighty change of heart. You want to become free as a bird and be more liberal than ever. You are tired of being the shy type, and you look forward to becoming a slut.

Well, start with dressing provocatively—that's the first step into becoming a whore that you want to be. Use a head-turning skirt, one that catches everyone's attention—men, women, and even gays and lesbians, too. If you want to be the object of the spotlight, get the Flirtatious PVC Mini Skirt—the micro mini skirt that will surely wow your audience's eyes.

It is an attention-catcher with its length that is just below the pussy. With its high cut, the lips of your vagina will easily peep on its hem. And if you think it's seductive already, watch its sides as it has slits on them that expose your thighs. It is so skin-tight that the juicy ass will surely protrude against its PVC fabric. It's a leather-like fabric that's a little stretchy and smells earthy and rubbery.

It comes in sexy, shiny, and glossy black and is available in two sizes, medium and extra-large. Should you need to decide what fits your hip and waist, check the chart below for your perusal. Check on the box, too, for some cleaning and washing tips to maintain its luster and quality.

Once you have your skirt on, strut in the streets and gain the people's attention. Bend your back to be noticed more. Or intentionally drop something in front of you for someone to pick it up for you. Or scratch your thighs even if they are not that itchy. Those are the little ways to flirt with somebody.

With or without a panty inside it, everyone will enjoy seeing you wear the Flirtatious PVC Mini Skirt. Grab this lovely piece now!

Color Black
Material PVC
Sizes M, XL: Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions
Hand wash.
Machine Wash, but put in a mesh bag first.
Do not iron.
Do not use chlorine-based solution.
Use leather/PVC-friendly cleaner.
Sizing Guide

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