Striking Men's PVC Shorts
Striking Men's PVC Shorts
Striking Men's PVC Shorts
Striking Men's PVC Shorts
Striking Men's PVC Shorts
Striking Men's PVC Shorts

Striking Men's PVC Shorts

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Size S

Yes, you might be "hung," the blessed one with such a huge cock. However, you don't know any ways to show off your schlong without stripping off your pants. You want the world to notice that massive junk down there. But with your loose pants and boxers, how can they possibly know what you have behind those fabrics?

Use the Striking Men's PVC Shorts to project your bulges. And true to its name, it will make you striking and noticeable in public!

If it's the "spotlight" that you need, this pair of shorts will take you to the spot indeed. It's a garment that's super tight-fitting that your cock's glans will mark against the textile sheet when seen from the outside. It uses PVC fabric, a glossy, moderately stretchable yet durable material. Whatever occasion you plan to use this gear for, you are sure that it won't tear and break at any time!

This pair of shorts features a pocket attached via two zippers to the groin area. This pocket serves as easy access to your dick. Whenever you want to pee, you can unzip the pocket's zipper to allow you to do your business. If you feel like being horny, you can effortlessly expose your humongous manhood to fight a round of kinky sex. It also has snap buttons on the waist belt to allow fit adjustments.

It only comes in one color—shiny black. But, its size ranges from small to double extra-large sizes. Get your waistline and compare it to the dimensions specified in the box below. Check the washing tips, too, to know how to maintain its glossy texture and high quality.

Use it for sex, or as casual attire, or in costume parties, or what have you. Whatever it is, you can rest assured everyone will take note of you. Grab the Striking Men's PVC Shorts now!

Color Black
Material PVC
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL: Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions
Hand wash only.
Machine Wash (put in a mesh bag first).
Do not iron.
Do not use chlorine-based solution.
Use PVC/leather-friendly cleaner.
Sizing Guide

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