Bold Inflatable Boobs Catsuit
Bold Inflatable Boobs Catsuit
Bold Inflatable Boobs Catsuit
Bold Inflatable Boobs Catsuit
Bold Inflatable Boobs Catsuit
Bold Inflatable Boobs Catsuit

Bold Inflatable Boobs Catsuit

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Color black
Size L

Your partner likes to play around. He is a big teaser, which is one of the characteristics that you want about him. As an attentive lover, you always like to surprise him with unconventional items that will boggle his mind. He likes sexy and unique outfits, especially those that have a pop of detail.

If you are looking for a reliable suit that also packs a secret feature for added impact, then the Bold Inflatable Latex Boobs suit is going to give you that. There is nothing ordinary about this piece. It is made of high-grade latex, which has fantastic stretchability that will hug your body like an expensive designer bodycon. So don't worry if you are planning some complex bed activities for your sexy session; this has enough stretch to give you room for movements.

This item features long sleeves that extend down to the wrist. The jumpsuit also has long leggings that will cover your legs down to the ankles. This kind of design elongates the legs, making you look sexy as you strut your way to the party.

The biggest surprise of all? You can enlarge the breast area as this is inflatable. Grab your handy air pump and attach this on the air hook, then fire away! With this on, you will enjoy more robust boobs without undergoing the scary surgery. Your spirited partner will have a handful when he approaches you.

This is not just a sexy outfit; it is also designed for convenience and easy wear. The zipper that runs from the crotch to the back will open this to give you more room to try this on.

There is no space to be modest with all the available attractive colors. Of course, you can be more outrageous and grab a baby pink or purple suit. However, you will still look beautiful with the classic black or blue variant.

Give him something he has never seen before! Grab this eclectic suit today!

Color Sky Blue, Transparent Black, Pink, White, Yellow, Baby Pink, Transparent Purple, Purple, Army Green, Dark Blue, Lake Blue, Red, Natural Transparent, Black, Apple Green, Orange
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL XXL - Refer to the size chart below
Recommended for Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach, Do not iron, Hand wash in warm water
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