Playful Black Latex Bunny Mask
Playful Black Latex Bunny Mask
Playful Black Latex Bunny Mask

Kinky as you are, you do have other things you have never tried before. And as you are exploring BDSM with your partner, you like to keep total control over him the whole time.

Venturing on darker, more complicated BDSM things, you need a tool that will neutralize your personality and never show your partner any sign of weakness. That is why you need the Playful Black Latex Bunny Mask.

This headcover is made of high-quality latex. This material sits close to the skin, so you get to enjoy a remarkable mask that will never fall off even when the playing gets a bit rough. This mask has a quirky bunny design that will be the perfect facade to look alluring yet friendly at the same time. This headgear will cover your whole face but will still let you see and talk with its mouth and eye slits. It also features distinctive long bunny ears that makes this piece a total standout. And the best part? The back zipper will make wearing this piece easier as it will roll out easily, giving you ample room to try it on properly.

This kind of style is totally apt for a night alone with your lover, but it will also be a great party accessory. It will surely garner a lot of attention from hungry onlookers. Also, this item is available in a sultry black color with six sizes to choose from.

This item needs to be cleaned after each use. Do not expose this to the sun's harsh rays because it will deteriorate its material.

As the famous song's lyrics say, 'Don't need permission, Made my decision to test my limits' You will feel like a true Dangerous Woman and will never be limited to what you already know. Grab this perfect mask and embark on that journey today!

Color Black
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Refer to the size chart below
Recommended for Women or Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach, Do not iron, Hand wash in warm water




Playful Black Latex Bunny Mask

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