Skin Tight Men's Lingerie PVC Underwear

Skin Tight Men's Lingerie PVC Underwear

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Size M

Giving the best performance of your life on stage doesn’t only rely on your erotic choreography. Sometimes, the outfit you wear also takes part in your show. Ladies and even gays would want to touch you and drool over you once they see you wearing a racy outfit while busting your moves. As a result, you’ll be the star of the show and everyone’s apple of the eye.

But to get everyone’s attention, you’ll need to wear an outfit that will make their eyes pop. Well, your search is finally over, for Laidtex offers you this Skin Tight Men's PVC Underwear! Pair these knee-length boxers with suspenders or bowtie, and you’ll surely get the spotlight!

Shiny and skintight, this underwear brings out your sexy and flirty side. These boxers highlight the silhouette of your waist down to your knees. The waistline embraces and captures your sexy back, making your behind looking more tempting as you do the twerk. Meanwhile, the leg holes hug the curve of your thighs, turning any pathway into a fashion runway. And don’t forget about the penis sheath, as it what makes this underwear a head-turner. It emphasizes the size of your manhood, captivating everyone’s attention as they see you in these shorts.

But that’s not the only purpose of this underwear. Since it has a penis sheath, you can wear it on your banging sessions! Give your partner a series of deep thrusts without taking these shorts off, and you and your lover will get lost in overpowering lust.

Made of PVC, this undergarment is durable and stretchable. It adapts to the contour of your body, making it comfortable to move, even if it’s tight. It’s also smooth on the skin as it is hypoallergenic. Hence, this erotic piece of clothing is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Wow, your audience and your partner when you wear this Skin Tight Men's PVC Underwear. Grab one now!

Color Black
Material PVC
Sizes M, L, XL, XXL
Refer to the size chart below
Recommended for Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash. Machine wash at cold temperature. Hang to dry. Do not iron.
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