Form Fitting Full Body Latex Gimp Suit
Form Fitting Full Body Latex Gimp Suit
Form Fitting Full Body Latex Gimp Suit
Form Fitting Full Body Latex Gimp Suit

The Vitruvian Man represents the perfect human body. Comparing yours to Da Vinci's model, is yours perfect? Don't worry if it isn't. You can still improve it by highlighting your assets—the curves and bulges, instead.

If you are not very blessed with perfect proportions of limbs and torso, you can accentuate, still, your body and make it stand out. The Form Fitting Full Body Latex Gimp Suit will help you achieve that sexy look—whatever sex you are.

This gimp suit is 100% latex-made, making it highly flexible and elastic, and durable. Generally, it's safe to use on the skin, but make sure to test whether you have allergies to latex materials first before getting one. It covers the entire body from head to toe. Worry not about getting choked from its tight fit as it leaves room for you to breathe through the hole in the mouth. And, whichever color you want for your suit, you can have your desired one from the 17 available color variants. Check the box below to find your best color combination! Lastly, whether you are a man or a woman, there is surely a perfect fit for you. Refer to the table below and find the size for you; measurements are specified there.

Make sure to apply a dry lubricant to your body before wearing it, like fine talc powder, to ease sliding your body into the gear. Flaunt the beauty of your body shape by wearing this during your naughty play with your partner. It's perfect for BDSM, such as breathing and restraining plays. Match it with ropes and paddles to spice up the game. You can also incorporate slings and swings to heighten the experience. And after using it, clean it as often as needed. Follow the general cleaning procedures specified in the table for guidance.

Nobody's perfect, but there is always a way to make everything look perfect. For example, wearing the Form Fitting Full Body Latex Gimp Suit will make you look impeccable and flawless. Try it now!


Color All Black, White + Black, Blue + Black, Purple + Black, Sharp Pink + Black, Baby Pink + Black, Plum Red + Red, Apple Green + Black, Transparent Purple + Black, Transparent Brown + Black, Transparent Black + Black, Pink + Black, Light Blue + Black, Jade Green + Black, Transparent/Natural, Transparent Green + Black, Orange + Black
Material Latex
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL: Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Men, Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions
Hand wash with lukewarm water only.
Do not use chlorine-based products.
Do not iron.
Do not machine dry.


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Form Fitting Full Body Latex Gimp Suit

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