Frisky and Fun Latex Pony Hood
Frisky and Fun Latex Pony Hood
Frisky and Fun Latex Pony Hood

You can always tell when your partner is bored. She is less enthusiastic, looks jaded, and has zero energy for you. You hate to coerce her to have sex with you, and you are always looking for things and toys to bring back the fire in your relationship.

As a faithful servant, pleasuring your Mistress is your goal. So give her something you know that she wants: a different, fresh kind of humping that will wake her lustful energy back.

The best medicine for mundane sex is the Frisky and Fun Latex Pony Hood. This mask is frisky yet very easy to use, a perfect surprise addition to your sex session with your lover. Made of quality latex, this accessory is fitted yet comfortable wear. Latex is a fantastic medium for those looking to use something stretchable yet with some tightness to it. This mask has a convenient zipper that will enable you to wear this quickly without delay. You can always add lube or talc to make it easier for you to put this on.

The mask will cover most of your facial features and allow you to breathe freely with the holes on the nostrils and mouth. It also includes fixes for you to see what your Master is about to do. But most of your face and neck will be covered with latex, so be ready to be numb on these areas.

And that is not even the best part! This hood features a ponytail made of latex strips. This detail will make you look like a sultry attendant, ready to give pleasurable service to your Dom.

Ignite your Mistress' dormant wanting with an all-new-you. Give her a new version of you as you make sweet love wearing this hood! She can grab your ponytail and give you a good spanking. You can also bring out your whip and maybe your butt plug for added visual stimulation.

Keep the fire burning with an easy-to-use accessory that will allow you and your partner to reconnect. Choose your size on the chart available as this mask is available in six stretchable sizes. Grab one and prepare to fascinate your Mistress!

Color Black
Material Latex
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - Refer to the size chart below
Recommended for Women or Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach, Do not iron, Hand wash in warm water



Frisky and Fun Latex Pony Hood

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