Dynamic Men's Vinyl Trousers
Dynamic Men's Vinyl Trousers
Dynamic Men's Vinyl Trousers
Dynamic Men's Vinyl Trousers

You're a hard worker who is up on his feet all day. You like using your hands to work, and fixing things is your forte. As a handyman yourself, you often want to wear comfortable pieces to make moving around easier. But, as you are becoming more conscious about yourself and how others perceive you, you feel the need to explore more daring pieces. But of course, you still want to stay true to the classics that define your personality.

The Dynamic Men's Vinyl Trousers are a versatile pair of pants with all the details you are looking for and more. This item is made of vinyl, a solid but stretchable material that will lift your ass to show them off. Vinyl is a stunning sheath to look at when worn. Additionally, it has that distinguishing shine that will catch the light in all the right ways. This material is much like latex, but if you have an allergy to latex-made products, well, you have the best alternative right here!

These pants are not tight. You will enjoy a way to move around with its loose design, almost casual design. The zipper and buttons are positioned at the front for an easier try-on. You can pair this item with a distinctive belt for a more put-together statement.

Keeping it elegant with the black color, this item comes with a myriad of your clothing pieces. Black is such a lovely, all-around hue for whatever the occasion may be.

This extrinsic item needs to be cleaned after use. You can do that with warm water and soap solution. Use a clean towel to wipe excess water, and then air dry this in a shaded area ready for your subsequent use.

Wearing a stand-out piece without blowing over comfortability is now possible. So grab this lovely piece today!

Color Black
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL - Refer to the size chart below
Recommended for Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach, Do not iron, Hand wash in warm water


Dynamic Men's Vinyl Trousers

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