Fiery Latex Maid Dress

Fiery Latex Maid Dress

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Color Red
Size S

It feels smooth when lubed. Tight and squeaky, it's what makes you tingle by the thought of getting wrapped in it. Usually made into suits, latex has become a popular material for different clothing designs. So why stick to bodysuits when there are other options? Be a hot servant and put the Fiery maid Dress on. The dress comes in a broad range of colors—bright, vivid, and bold!

Just like any dress made for a maid, it has white ruffles on the collar, sleeve cuff, and chest opening, as well as along the hem. It also comes with a cute white half-apron to make it look realistic. But unlike any ordinary maid outfit, this one excites the imagination as it will show off your cleavage. The mid-thigh length makes it also racy, flaunting your flawless legs and thighs. So bend over as you clean his furniture with a feather duster and do it seductively to make him drool.

This French maid outfit, including its white trimmings, is made of 100% natural latex. And because it's natural, it's non-toxic. However, it can cause allergies, so have yourself checked whether you are friends with this material. You will love its inherent tightness as it feels like your second skin. With each move you make, it squeaks, and this sound can make you or your partner tingle with excitement. The dress may look smooth, but since it's latex, you'll need a lubricant so you can slip into it with ease. Apply silicone-based lube on your body and rub the inner side of the garment with the same. You may also opt for talc powder. Bring out the deep shine of this French maid dress by gently rubbing it with silicone-based polish.

Complete the French maid look with tights or stockings and stand tall with high heels. Satisfy your erotic fantasy or be the center of attention during a cosplay event with this shiny dress. If you're that eager to look fiery soon, get your Fiery maid Dress now!

Color Red, Pink, Sky Blue, Blue, Black, Army Green, White, Gold, Orange, Silver, Brown, Yellow, Purple,
Material Latex
Sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL - Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash with warm water without soap or detergent
Hang to dry
Do not iron
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