Latex Shiner

Latex Shiner

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You have always been fascinated by latex—how it feels on your body, how it sticks to the skin, and how you feel once your partner touches you while wearing it. There is nothing you want more than feeling that tightness in your body, all day, all night!

There is nothing you want more than wearing your prized latex accessory. But as the rules of wear and tear take over, you see signs of damage on some of your favorite pieces. That is why you need this Latex Shiner to give something extra to your prized latex possessions.

You will receive a 100 ml bottle of good-quality latex lube. Latex has its natural shine, but once you get to use it, this shine recedes as you wash and use these outfits over time. What this lube does is that it preserves the outfit's shine even as you use your latex pieces a couple of times. After all, the allure of latex is not just about how it feels, but it is also about how it looks with its unmistakable luminous glow. Moreover, you get to have a handy 100 ml bottle, easy to pack or store for use.

Of course, you have to clean your outfit's well on warm water and soap. After that, make sure you dry this thoroughly before applying this latex polisher to the surface. A dry exterior will make sure the formula stays on the trappings.
The shiner will enhance the outfit's shine, giving it a stunning glow like never before. Whether it's an overall outfit or maybe your favorite lingerie, you will be able to use this on all your latex apparel!

To get full use of your beautiful latex pieces, you have to make sure it gets the love it deserves. Grab this Latex Shiner today!

Color/Type N/A
Material Latex Shiner
Dimension Volume: 100 ml
Width/Diameter: N/A

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