Men's Latex Body Bag
Men's Latex Body Bag

There’s nothing more humiliating and degrading than being objectified. If you and your slave find sexual gratification in this kind of game, then you’ll need the Men’s Latex Body Bag. It’s a body encasement that will render your male slave deprived and immobile.

A latex body bag that restricts movement, it’s great for extreme bondage play. Sensory deprivation comes into play as well as the hood blocks light and covers the ears. Nothing will ever go wrong as it has holes in the mouth and nose for normal breathing. And should the play gets so intense that your slave can no longer take in some more, it’s easy for him to utter the safe word. With convenient zippers at the right places, he can slip into the bag with ease while you also get to access his crotch! Torture him with blissful ripples of pleasure from his loins!

As he’s enclosed in that bag of latex, tease him with your sweet caress. Pour silicone lube and turn him on with a sensual massage. Every single touch is twice more stimulating since the elastic sheet intensifies every bit of sensation. As he is the object of your desire, do whatever pleases the both of you. Remember that whatever you do, it has to be consensual. Respect the ground rules set to make your bondage play safe and pleasurable.

The body bag is made of 100% latex, so make sure your bottom isn’t allergic to it before enclosing him in. Latex clings tight to the skin, making it an ideal bondage body bag. It’s a two-way stretch material, so it won’t tear easily unless it’s done intentionally. Remove all his accessories that will snag on the material to preserve the bag for more thrilling sessions in the future.

It’s time to level up the game. Make him suffer from your sweet torture soon. Buy now!


Color Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, White, Transparent, Black, Dark Blue, Green, Nature Transparent, Sky Blue
Material Latex
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand-wash in warm water without detergent or soap. Hang to dry.


Men's Latex Body Bag

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