Pink Faux Leather Sheets

Pink Faux Leather Sheets

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Transform your room into a place of lust and sexual pleasure. Feel the burning passion of your lovemaking become more stimulating by using colors that inspire romance and love.

Surprise your loved one with a stunning leather sheet covering your bed, and spark the excitement back into your bedroom.

You love pink, and your partner has a fascination for leather. What better way to put your favorite things together than sharing them in bed? And to do that, here's the Pink Faux Leather Sheets. This flat sheet's material is synthetic leather, so you can enjoy the durability and texture of leather without harming animals. And because this sheet is pink, it can spark a lively yet erotic vibe in the bedroom.

Some say that pink is the color of femininity, but others also say that it also represents sexuality. So, have at it and satiate your carnal desires with this pink sheet to be the only witness of how wild you were. If you have black bed restraints, they will look more erotic on this sheet because black and pink make a good color combo. It's a flat sheet, so feel free to use it to cover your couch, loveseat, and other furniture. The material is waterproof too, so don't worry if things get so dripping wet, because this sheet can handle it.

After a filthy night with your partner, it is necessary to rid of the accumulated bodily fluids, lube, sweat, and dirt from this sheet. But do not use detergents, as these chemicals can cause drying. Don't worry, cleaning this is easy. Just grab a non-abrasive towel damp with warm water and mild soap and wipe the surface. Follow it up with a dry lint-free cloth and leave it to air dry.

Bring back the vivid colors in your bedroom. Buy now!

Color/Type Pink
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: 78.74 inches (200 cm)
Width/Diameter: 59.06 inches (150 cm)

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