Plus Size Vinyl Lingerie Set
Plus Size Vinyl Lingerie Set
Plus Size Vinyl Lingerie Set
Plus Size Vinyl Lingerie Set
Plus Size Vinyl Lingerie Set

The journey to self-acceptance has never been easy for you. You are on the heavier side, and you have finally found it within yourself to accept that. The liberating feeling of giving yourself a break from all the self-doubt has transformed you into a confident woman.

And as such, you'd like to celebrate your newfound self-esteem with clothing items that can accentuate your curves. And if you are on the market for a new accessory for you to rock, then the Plus Size Vinyl Lingerie Set is an excellent option.

PVC is a premium material that has rigid stretchability. This kind of trim will enhance your curves and emphasize all your assets. In addition, this set comes with a stocking that features openings that expose the thigh's inner and outer portion. Your legs are going to look fabulous with this on!

Moreover, the suit has a sleeveless design with a turtle neck detail. The zipper that runs from the top to the bottom will enable you to open this up. When you wear these pieces together, the outcome is one unforgettable ensemble. And the best part? This outfit comes with a pair of gloves that extends above your elbows for a sultrier look.

This outfit features a narrow covering for the groin, so be ready to expose your intimate regions. With this on, you will be highlighting your crotch area, giving onlookers something for the imagination.

Take your measurements carefully because you will need to get a properly fitted pair to enjoy wearing these pieces.

Of course, you can wear this with your boots or perhaps, wear a kinky mask. Make them look your way because you deserve the attention. Then, after a good show, give this a good cleaning.

Embracing your curves and celebrating your imperfections is one step to self-actualization. Grab this stunning set today!

Color Black
Fabric Type Vinyl
Sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL: Refer to the size chart below.
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach. Do not iron. Hand-wash in warm water.

Plus Size Vinyl Lingerie Set

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