Stretchy Black PVC Leggings
Stretchy Black PVC Leggings
Stretchy Black PVC Leggings
Stretchy Black PVC Leggings

Have you ever wanted to grab a good latex outfit, but you are allergic to it? Anything made of latex that touches your skin makes it burn and itch. But you cannot deny how amazing this material looks on a chiseled body, and you want that on you too!

There is no denying how the stretchability of latex can exude feminity and confidence. And if you can't wear latex, how about trying out the Stretchy Black PVC Leggings?

This set comes with pants and a vest that will look stunning when worn. All these pieces are made of PVC, a reliable material with identical stretchability to latex itself. This medium also has the same shine as latex but, of course, without you reacting to its components. So, at last, you can enjoy the body-forming stretch you have always wanted as you wear it. The pair of pants has a zipper that runs from the front all through the crotch. This access will make wearing it easier for you, as this latch will open the leggings.

Moreover, the vest also has a zipper at the anterior portion. Show off your midriff as this is a bralette that has a thin strap for support. You can dress this up with a coat or wear this as is. The color of this pair is suitable for any occasion.

Keep your water-soluble lube handy to make the wear more comfortable. Another tip is to grab the size that will fit you best.

Make time to wash this regularly. Especially the cover that touches the skin because harmful bacteria may stay on the nooks and crevices of the clothing. So, make sure to give it a proper clean.

This outfit is the ultimate pair to satiate your cravings. It's safe for you and, of course, with versatility, that will let you wear this in your intimate moments or during occasions! Grab this now!

Color Black
Fabric Type PVC
Sizes M, XL, XXL, 4XL: Refer to the size chart below.
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach. Do not iron. Hand wash in warm water.

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Stretchy Black PVC Leggings

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