Shiny Stunning Spank Dress
Shiny Stunning Spank Dress
Shiny Stunning Spank Dress
Shiny Stunning Spank Dress
Shiny Stunning Spank Dress
Shiny Stunning Spank Dress

Shiny Stunning Spank Dress

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Want to get some spanking from your Daddy? You only need to be a brat, and you'll surely get the punishment you deserve. But what if the penalty he gives you isn't the one you want to get? Here's a solution for you! Nothing screams "Spank me, Daddy" louder than this Shiny Stunning Spank Dress. This outfit will make your Dad and his manhood stand up the moment he sees you in this dress.

Glossy and skintight, this above-the-knee outfit looks sexy from top to bottom. The haltered top hugs your curves, capturing your assets and pushing them up. The front part of the skirt, on the other hand, covers your intimate area and the upper portion of your legs.

But here's the surprise: the back part of this mini dress barely reveals your voluptuous ass. It has studded straps that hardly cover your butt. Putting this on, along with your high-heeled boots and fingerless gloves, will surely make your Daddy want to whip your booty.

A garment fashioned of spandex, this dress shows off the curve of your body. It outlines the silhouette of your torso, making you look hotter. But despite its tight-fitting feature, it's still comfortable to wear. This shiny dress has a smooth texture inside, making it a perfect choice for ladies with sensitive skin. It's also stretchy and durable, allowing you to move freely. You don't have to worry about whether or not you will rip it since it can handle different movements and stances.

Available in medium and double extra-large sizes, this haltered dress is perfect for big and thick girls. Wearing this garment will let you show the world that thick ladies can be sexy, too!

Show your Daddy how badly you want to be spanked by wearing this Shiny Stunning Spank Dress. Hit that "Add to Cart" button now!


Color Black
Material Spandex
Sizes M, XXL - Refer to the size chart below
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash or machine wash at a delicate cycle with detergent and cool water. Hang to dry.

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