Transparent Sex Mask

Transparent Sex Mask

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Color size XXL

There is something so sensually addicting with a woman in a mask. There must be something about distorting the facial features that give her an extra touch of deprivation, and you go crazy over it. Maybe it's the sadist in you that wants it! Whatever it is that you like as a Master, you prefer to impose what you desire in bed.

Of course, you are not that naughty, and you want to start somewhere simple— like this Transparent Latex Sex Mask! Nothing but quality material, this latex-made mask is stretchable. It will cover most of your partner's facial features down to the neck. In addition, there are slits on the eyes and mouth to give your Sub a way to see you and, of course, taste you during the session.

Moreover, a distinctive lining runs to the different partitions, highlighting each of these portions. With the transparent feature, you will not lose vision of your Sub. Wearing a mask but not completely covering the facial characteristics—now, that's a great start to your mask journey.

Wearing this may cause a bit of drag because latex may generate friction as it comes in contact with skin. A bit of water-based lube or talc will remedy this dilemma. You can easily dress your partner in your favorite latex suit, and she is good to go!

A good Master has to make sure that this item gets a good wash after each use. The face is quite sensitive, so you have to wash this well with soap and water to avoid harboring harmful bacteria on the sheath. Don't brush it, though, because that may cause nasty marks on the mask's delicate surface.

This item is the perfect middle-ground for you to mask your Sub and see her face at the same time. Grab this today!

Color Transparent Black
Material Synthetic Latex
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL - Refer to the size chart below
Recommended for Women or Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach, Do not iron, Hand wash in warm water
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