Gripping Latex Bodycon Dress
Gripping Latex Bodycon Dress
Gripping Latex Bodycon Dress
Gripping Latex Bodycon Dress

Gripping Latex Bodycon Dress

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Color Black
Size XS

Your partner has been nagging you to try latex wear. Ever since he saw Catwoman on screen, he has been pushy for you to try it. While you always love experimenting and going out of your comfort zone, wearing a hyper-provocative outfit is the last thing on your mind. You have never worn anything even close to a latex suit, and you want to start somewhere easy and comfortable to wear.

Why not give it a try? Try using the Gripping Latex Bodycon Dress. This outfit is the best way to get introduced to donning a rubber ensemble.

Nothing short of spectacular, you will look magnificent with this material enhancing all your God-given assets. Latex has the unique ability to camouflage undesirable love handles. It has a tight stretch quality that will mold your body to a pretty silhouette. Your partner will be happy as a bee once he sees you in this novel outfit. It's more provocative than that of the suit of Catwoman, too, so he is in for a real treat.

Feel its tight grip against your curves and bumps! You will enjoy more comfortable wear because this suit has a zipper at the back portion that will enable you to open the outfit for an easier try-on. The front part also has a quirky Chinese collar with a white-colored detail that accentuates your shoulder. It also features a lovely A-line skirt and a short sleeve. All these parts make this ensemble a standout outfit that will overwhelm your partner with your sultriness.

Make sure you avoid sharp accessories when trying this on because latex is thin and can easily tear. Another big help is using water-soluble lube to make the outfit glide easily.

Keep your latex experience relaxed with this perfect outfit. Add this Gripping Latex Bodycon Dress to your purchase today!

Color Black
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL: Refer to the size chart below for the exact measurements
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Do not use bleach
Do not iron
Hand wash in warm water
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