Brilliant Blue Vinyl Skirt
Brilliant Blue Vinyl Skirt
Brilliant Blue Vinyl Skirt
Brilliant Blue Vinyl Skirt

You're not a sophisticated woman if you don't own a piece of clothing that makes you shine in a crowd. And your wardrobe will never be complete if you only have those boring just-above-the-knee skirts. Glam up with something short, skimpy, and sexy like the Brilliant Blue Vinyl Skirt. This pencil-cut mini-skirt is mid-thigh length to show off your sexy, flawless legs!

Strut that butt with confidence as this blue vinyl skirt shimmers. It features a flattering wide waistband to emphasize your waist. It has clean-looking seams and bottom edges. The fabric is stretchable, so there's no need for a zipper. Despite the absence of any closure mechanism, it's secure and easy to wear.

This fetish wear is great for BDSM scenes, whether you play mistress or slave. Pair it up with a sexy top like a bralette, and you can't go wrong. If you're thinking about putting on mesh stockings, go right ahead! You'll certainly make a fashion statement. Match it with other clothing items and accessories suitable for your role to make your partner slobber with lust. Don't forget to wear your slutty high-heeled shoes if you want to make your legs look longer.

Blue is versatile as it can play well with other colors. So if you don't have enough time to decide which clothes to wear to clubs or casual parties, pick this skirt and grab any top to pair it with! Whatever your instinct tells you, go for it! The point is, you can't go wrong with this skirt.

This gorgeous female clothing item is vinyl; hence, it's smooth on the skin. It will slide easily without needing any lubricant. Although the skirt looks tight, the stretchable material allows mobility, and that translates to more fun.

A skirt like this makes a man's imagination wild. So spice up your wardrobe to spice up your style. Buy now!


Color Blue, Sky Blue
Material Vinyl
Sizes S, M, L - Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand-wash with water with mild, liquid detergent, Hang to dry, Don’t iron


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Brilliant Blue Vinyl Skirt

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