Men's Shiny Latex Pants
Men's Shiny Latex Pants
Men's Shiny Latex Pants
Men's Shiny Latex Pants
Men's Shiny Latex Pants
Men's Shiny Latex Pants

Men's Shiny Latex Pants

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Color Black
Size XXS

We're at a period where everyone wants to stand out in a crowd. You refuse to go unnoticed at parties and clubs, so you wear flashy accessories to get a good kind of attention. But instead of becoming a magnet, people don't seem interested to be around you. Maybe accessories don't work, especially if they don't go along well with your outfit.

Here's a sure way to turn heads. Put on the Men's Shiny pants to wow everyone at your favorite club. These mid-rise bootcut pants have yellow trimmings on the sides to make them look sporty. There are two pockets on the front where you can tuck your hands. And just like any regular jeans, this pair of pants come with a zipper and two metal buttons. If you're new to latex, then you can start with these pants first before putting on a full bodysuit. With these pants covering the lower part of your body, you'll soon crave more latex.

Make it super shiny with silicone polish, and don't you dare use any oil in an attempt to make it look polished. Anything oil-based will degrade the material. Latex is stretchy, but it will tear when pulled with too much force. When properly handled, it will last long.

These tight-fitting pants may look very smooth, but they stick on the skin when you put them on. By eliminating friction, you'll slip right into it more easily. Apply silicone lube on your legs and rub the insides of the pants with the same lubricant. Talc powder is a recommended substitute.

Garments made of natural latex aren't cheap, so be sure to give the TLC it needs. Once you have taken off the pants, make sure to wash them right away. Do not use detergent or soap when you do because they're not latex-friendly. If you want to make it smell fresh, add a few drops of mild shampoo to the water. Rinse, then hang to dry in the shed as sunlight or anything with heat will damage latex.

Dance the night away while all eyes are on you! Make it happen soon when you buy today!

Color Black, Blue, Red, White,
Material Latex
Sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash in warm water without soap or detergent, Hang to dry, Do not iron,
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