Yellow Tight Bodysuit

Yellow Tight Bodysuit

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Color Yellow
Size XXS

Black and red are believed to be sexy and sensual. People associate red with passion while black is for erotic sensuality. Wear something bright and vibrant to prove that you can be both sexy and passionate, too. By putting on the Yellow Tight suit, you can show that you are flamin' hot, too!

Cut and handcrafted from 100% natural latex, this bodysuit will feel tight, but it's the tightness that you will love and enjoy. As it hugs your body, it becomes part of you; hence it feels like your second skin. It looks smooth, but don't get the notion it will slide on your body. You'll need the help of silicone lube or talc powder so you can slip into this fabulous outfit. The convenient zippers will let you in, and once closed, you'll never get exposed unless you want to. These multi-way zippers allow convenient prolonged use as you can have toilet breaks anytime you need to. What's more, you won't have to take your suit off when it's time to get laid. All you need to do is open the crotch area to give your partner full access to any of your pleasure holes!

With its high collar, long sleeves, and legs, this outfit can provide the body coverage you need. You can put on gloves, socks, and a hood if you want to be fully covered with rubber. This suit is elastic, so even though it's tight-fitting, it allows mobility. You can move like a contortionist, bending and twisting in any direction, but you won't rip or tear this outfit. While it's a daring suit for your wild BDSM scenes, it's also stylish clothing to flaunt your curves when going to clubs. Dance the night away without worries!

When given TLC, this bodysuit will truly last. Flaunt your curves soon without going naked. Buy this suit now!

Color Yellow
Material Latex
Sizes 3XS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL : Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash in warm water. Do not use detergent or soap, but mild shampoo is fine. Hang to dry. Do not iron.
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