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When most people think about latex, they associate it with words such as sleek, shiny, and tight. A “standard” catsuit or enclosure suit snugly embraces the body, highlighting and emphasizing every curve and angle of the human form.

If this is the image you have of latex, the idea of an inflatable suit may seem random at best and contradictory at worst. Rather than clinging tightly to the shape of the body, an inflatable suit “puffs up” when gradually filled with air. The result is similar to the round “sumo wrestler” suits often seen at carnivals or sporting events or the bulky, air-filled garb worn by astronauts exploring the Moon.

Despite their lack of similarity to slinky catsuits or clingy gimp gear, inflatable suits occupy an important place within the exciting world of latex fetishism. Just as some people are aroused by the feeling of latex sticking tightly to their skin, others get a sexual rush from the air gradually entering their suit, expanding it further and further to seemingly impossible sizes.


Why Inflation?

Inflation is a fetish which overlaps with many other sexual interests, including but not limited to latex, balloons, food or stuffing, liquid play, and the adoption of dominant and submissive roles. The core element of the inflation fetish is the idea of something, usually a human body but also sometimes a suit or object, growing larger and larger as it is filled with air, water, food, or other similar substances.

When asked to give an example of something they find arousing, many inflation fetishists will point to a memorable scene from the classic 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (sometimes also referred to as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Constant gum-chewer Violet Beauregard, against candy maker Wonka’s objection, samples an untested gum flavor meant to replicate an entire meal. When she reaches the “dessert course,” blueberry pie, her body begins to swell as she essentially turns into a living human blueberry. Eventually, Violet becomes a round, blue ball with arms, legs and head sticking out, and must be rolled away by Wonka’s loyal Oompa-Loompa workers to be “deflated”.

There are a number of reasons why the concept of inflation, bodily or otherwise, appeals to fetishists. First, and most commonly mentioned, are the closely related ideas of power dynamics (dominance and submission) and loss of control.

The individual who has undergone the inflation process can be seen as lacking control, as they now have difficulty performing basic tasks such as getting out of bed or walking around without assistance. They are immobile, able to be teased, tortured, mocked, caressed, kissed, and more by their non-inflated partner. Their partner can even gain influence over their entire life, as they cannot do things such as bathe or feed themselves while inflated.

Said partner is able to assume a dominant role, controlling the “inflatee” in any way they so desire. They can even control how large they become as they take on the role of the one “stuffing” their submissive partner – whether with air, food, water, or anything else they choose.

In addition, many kinksters cite a connection between inflation and the wide, varied world of size difference fetishes. Those into inflation often fantasize about a person becoming amazingly, impossibly large, while their partner remains human size (or perhaps even shrinks).

In this scenario, the larger partner, despite their limited control and range of movement, can take on a dominant role due to the sheer power which their new size grants them. They can do anything from cradling their smaller partner in between their enhanced breasts to squishing, crushing or even consuming them (a sub-fetish known as vorarephilia or vore) to further add to their massive size.


Inflation of Latex Suits

Where, then, do latex suits fit into this fascinating fetish?

Read over the scenarios described above again and ask yourself – other than the shared “inflation” theme, what do they have in common? The answer is that most of the dreams of your average inflation fetishist must remain confined to the realms of fantasy, erotic literature and roleplay.

What do we mean by this? Well, it’s very physically difficult to inflate a person. You can make someone’s belly bulge out a little by having them eat several hearty meals or drink a large amount of water. The stomachs of pregnant individuals can become even larger than that, but the pregnancy period is usually accompanied by pain, discomfort and illness. Some “pumps” also exist which can be safely used to slightly enlarge certain parts of the body, usually the breasts, for a short period of time, but the effects last no more than a few minutes or hours.

Actually inflating the human body to the size most fetishists prefer is either impossible or highly dangerous. Eating enough food or drinking enough fluids to truly “inflate” a person can come with a number of health risks such as obesity, diabetes, over-hydration or water poisoning. And filling the body with air to make them resemble a balloon or Violet Beauregard is extremely difficult if not impossible to carry out using currently existing technology. (It is also potentially dangerous, as too much air within the body can actually poison the blood or even cause skin or internal organs to “pop”).

Therefore, inflation of clothing has been adopted by many fetishists as a safer, cheaper substitute with far fewer long-term negative effects. DIY solutions include putting inflated balloons underneath an oversized T-shirt or sweater; however, if you truly wish to turn your inflation dreams into reality, purchasing a custom latex suit or other accessories is recommended.


Choose Latex for Your Inflation Suit

Latex, with its highly elastic nature, is the perfect material for making long-lasting, high-quality inflation suits. When it is filled with air, latex will stretch and stretch with little danger of tearing or popping. (However, if the inflated subject popping or exploding is a part of your fantasy, latex can be successfully punctured by pretty much any sharp metal object). Latex is also waterproof and does not stain easily, should you prefer liquid inflation over air.

Choosing a latex suit will also allow you to observe every sensuous second as you or your partner slowly but surely grow in size. Just as latex clings to every curve of an un-inflated body, it will perfectly show off an inflated one’s new round, massive, delightfully chubby proportions. While some inflation suits made from thicker materials such as leather or cloth do exist, they do not provide nearly as visually captivating an experience as the latex alternative.

When compared to other materials, latex also possesses a significant aesthetic advantage – namely, its close resemblance to human skin. Like skin, latex is shiny, smooth and elastic. It changes temperature quickly and easily, allowing you to use the latex to feel the chill of your partner’s nervousness or the heated flush of their growing arousal. Silicon-based lubricants or shining sprays can also be applied to the outside of the suit to create the appearance of a body slick with sweat. For fans of body inflation, latex is the closest existing approximation to the real thing.

Lastly, out of all existing materials used for inflation suits, latex is far and away the safest. As mentioned above, while it does not tear or pop easily, it can be torn if necessary, meaning that there is no risk of becoming stuck in the suit. It also massages and caresses the skin but does not squeeze or compress unnecessarily, meaning it is unlikely the inflated partner will experience any pain unless they choose to do so. Latex’s ability to rapidly change temperature also means that the person wearing the inflation suit can be kept cool via the usage of simple air conditioning systems or fans, eliminating the danger of overheating while inflated.


The Anatomy of a Latex Inflation Suit


As you will see in the sections below, there are a staggeringly wide variety of latex inflation suits and accessories currently available for purchase. However, most variations on the standard inflation suit feature a similar structure designed to provide maximum inflation capability while keeping the person in the suit as safe as possible via eliminating the risk of becoming trapped or experiencing excessive pressure.

A typical inflation suit consists of two distinct layers of latex. The inner layer hugs the body of the suit’s wearer, clinging tightly in a similar manner to a more standard catsuit. The presence of this inner layer makes the suit easier to put on and remove, lessens the risk of air escaping during play, and provides pleasurable sensation to the wearer. Some “inflatees” have compared the feeling of being squeezed and caressed by this tight layer to “receiving a sensual, full-body air massage” and describe it as extremely arousing and stimulating.

After this inner “skin” comes a second, somewhat looser layer of the same latex. It is this outer layer which undergoes the actual process of inflation. It is here where the differences between variant types of inflation suits can be observed.

Some suits come with their own pump, usually a manually operated hand or foot pump similar to what is used to fill a party balloon with helium. The dominant partner uses their hand or foot to work the pump and fill the space between the two layers with air. This type of pump does require some effort to work most effectively, and some may find the process of inflating their partner in this slower manner tiring.

On the other hand, some dominants prefer the slower inflation process a pump provides, as it allows them to observe every change in their partner’s body in great detail. A hand or foot operated pump also gives the non-inflated partner the greatest amount of control, as how much air is pumped into the suit is entirely up to them at all times.

If you are not particularly excited by the prospect of a pump, or prefer a greater number of options, it is also possible to purchase an inflation suit featuring a hose, tube, hole or valve instead. This type of attachment creates a small gap in the outer latex layer and allows the suit to be connected to other devices.

Thus, it provides the greatest number of options for finding creative and unique ways to inflate your partner’s suit. If you prefer a standard, manually operated experience such as the one described above, you can attach the hose or opening to a balloon pump or bicycle tire pump. However, if you want something quicker, a variety of options exist, such as a vacuum hose. (Just remember to check that it’s set to “blow” rather than “suck,” or you might end up accidentally shrink-wrapping your partner instead of inflating them!) You can even experiment with liquid inflation by attaching your suit’s opening to a water hose or funnel.

A special safety tip from the Laidtex staffers: If your suit features a hose or opening and you plan to experiment with different methods of inflating it, try them out first on just the suit, with no human inside. That way, if something doesn’t work or goes wrong, your partner will not be at any risk of injury.

These type of standard suits are usually referred to as inflatable catsuits or simply latex inflation suits. They are a classic, sexual piece which can easily find a home in any kinkster’s fun-filled toybox. If you’re new to inflation and want to give it a try, we recommend starting out with one of these suits to get a feel for what elements of inflation arouse you the most.

However, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, or you’re a long-time inflation lover who is looking to add something more to your devilishly sensual collection, there are many variations on the standard inflation suit model. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular pieces and will be briefly introducing each of them in the following sections. So why not try something new today and take one of these sexy suits or alluring accessories out for a spin?


A Guide to Inflation Suits and Accessories


The Blueberry Suit

Earlier in this article, we mentioned Violet Beauregard’s transformation into a blueberry in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a popular example of inflation. In fact, many fetishists will specifically point to their first time watching this scene as the moment when they first realized that they were interested in or aroused by the concept of inflation.

Therefore, it should come to no surprise that a type of suit specifically referencing this scene has been created and is available for purchase. A blueberry suit, sometimes shortened to BB suit or B-berry suit, is a type of suit in which only the torso, stomach and buttocks area are inflated. The arms, legs and head of the trapped individual are allowed to stick out from the suit and are not covered by latex at all. The result is a round, ball-shaped body with four limbs and one head stuck out in all directions. Initially, this suit was of course manufactured using blue latex, to reference the Violet scene as directly as possible; however, today, it can be found in black and other colors as well.

Because a blueberry suit leaves the limbs and especially the head free, it can often be inflated even further than other suits which cover these areas. The inflated individual can be made even larger than possible with other suits and yet experience no major risk of danger.

Besides being the perfect tool for re-creating a classic inflation scene and engaging in a bit of sweet – or spicy! – Willy Wonka role play, the blueberry suit allows an inflated individual to experience an unmatchable degree of loss of control. The inflated body becomes so round and the limbs so thoroughly trapped that you or your partner will find yourself completely unable to move on your own.

It’s not just the “inflatee” who gets to experience unequaled pleasure when playing with a blueberry suit. The dominant partner gets the chance to control their partner’s movements, forcing them to stay in one place as they tease them or having some fun rolling them all around the room or house.

The exposed hands, arms, legs and feet also provide lots of great options for experimenting with sensation play, such as tickling the feet or pouring wax – or chocolate! – on the arms while the suit-trapped partner is unable to escape. Additionally, because the head is left uncovered, the dominant gets to witness every single one of their partner’s facial expressions or hear their desperate cries or moans of pleasure as the suit inflates further or further.

Safety concerns regarding the blueberry suit are significantly less even than those encountered when playing with other types of inflation gear, due to the head and mouth remaining uncovered. However, it is important to make sure that the inflated partner’s neck is comfortable and is not experiencing excessive pressure or restriction of the airways. In addition, you should be extra careful to avoid sharp objects during your play sessions – because the blueberry suit can stretch so much larger than other types, it is also slightly more vulnerable to tearing or popping. (Of course, if the explosion is part of your fantasy, then there’s no need to worry!)


The Ball Body Suit

The ball body, balloon body or B-body suit is a relatively new addition to the wide world of inflation play. It was designed by UK-based fetish gear manufacturer SlinkySkin, and was specifically targeted at those who enjoy combining inflation and latex play with full-body bondage and sensory deprivation. As one of its alternate names suggests, it is also frequently enjoyed by those who are aroused by balloons, as the suited, fully inflated partner can be said to resemble a sort of “human balloon”.

A ball body suit covers the top part of the body with a latex “bubble” in the shape of a large, round ball. The head and upper limbs are completely contained within the ball shape and are not visible. The legs are usually not contained within the ball, but may be covered by latex leggings or the bottom half of a more standard catsuit. However, it is also possible to purchase a larger ball-body suit which encompasses the entire form including the legs.

In order to create the ball shape, the suit may contain more than two layers of latex, multiple inner “chambers” which must be inflated separately, or possibly even an internal skeleton made from metal or hard plastic. Because of its unique shape and large size, a ball body suit usually takes slightly longer to inflate than its more standard counterparts – however, the final result is absolutely stunning and downright arousing!

The inflated partner is fully enclosed. They cannot see or speak and possibly, depending on the thickness of the suit and the size of the ball, may also lack the ability to feel or hear. If it’s not a type of play you’ve experienced, you may be asking yourself what is so arousing about such complete sensory deprivation. Believe us when we say there is in fact quite a lot to love about it!

Firstly, if any part of you (such as your legs) is outside the suit, they will feel far more sensitive as they are the only remaining parts of your body capable to feel. Being unable to see or hear anything or feel any sensation with your hands or upper body can make your partner’s playing with your legs, feet or genitals feel hundreds of times more intense than you could have ever imagined. Not to mention, when you’re finally freed from the suit, your entire body will experience the sublime pleasure of extra-sensitivity! You might be free from your ball – but you’ll be reduced to a quivering ball of pleasure beneath your partner’s expert touch!

Because most ball-body suits cover the head, they are usually fitted with one or more breathing tubes so that the inflated partner receives a sufficient amount of air throughout. Inspect the suit frequently to make sure that the breathing tubes are working properly and are not clogged or dirty. They should also be thoroughly cleaned after every play session to avoid any buildup of dirt, grit or bodily fluids. As the inflated partner will likely be unable to speak, establish a “safe-gesture” which they are capable of performing while in the suit. It is important that even a fully bound, sense-deprived individual have some agreed-upon method of communicating a desire to slow down or stop at any time.


The Ball Hood

If you’re interested in sensory deprivation play but want to start smaller or feel that a full ball body suit might be a little too extreme, then a ball hood might be for you. Also initially developed by fetishwear manufacturer SlinkySkin, a ball hood is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a ball-shaped latex accessory which covers only the head and neck area while leaving the body free. As with the larger suit, the ball shape can be achieved via multiple layers of latex, multiple inner chambers inflated separately, or a metal or plastic internal skeleton.

A person wearing a ball hood cannot see, smell, or hear, allowing some degree of sensory deprivation play to be carried out. It can also be paired with a latex catsuit, whether inflatable or not, or ropes and chains for full-body bondage. A person in a ball hood and full suit can be used for doll or mannequin play, due to their inability to speak or move under their own power.

Because of their smaller size, ball hoods usually have a tube, hose or valve which must be attached to an external pump in order for the hood to be inflated. Like in a ball body suit, a breathing tube or breathing hole is present to allow the person wearing the hood unrestricted access to air at all times. These tubes should be inspected and cleaned regularly to avoid clogging by sweat, saliva, or any other materials.

While most inflatable hoods feature the typical fully round ball shape, it is sometimes possible to find one which is more oval or head-shaped, if you prefer to have you or your partner resemble an inflatable sex doll or toy.


The Inflatable Blindfold

An inflatable blindfold is an accessory made from latex, typically black or another dark color, which wraps around the head and completely covers the eyes.

Blindfolds have long played a key role in bondage, discipline, dominance and submission play. The removal of sight places a person into an extremely submissive role, as they are no longer able to navigate their surroundings or see what their partner is doing to them. A blindfold can be used as part of a bondage scene in order to allow the dominant to catch their submissive partner off guard with surprise teasing, tickling, stroking or smacking. Alternately, it can serve as a punishment as a disobedient slave is stripped of their eyesight for hours or even an entire day.

But why an inflatable blindfold? The inflation fetish typically involves the entire body becoming larger – why focus on such a small part such as the eyes?

The answer lies, as discussed in many of the above sections, with sensory deprivation and sensation. Inflatable blindfolds have been found to be even more effective at removing the sight than the standard “strip of cloth” style, due to pressing more tightly against the eyes and creating an unbreakable “seal”. In addition, many submissives find the tight, massage-like pressure against their eyes to be comforting or arousing.

The inflatable blindfold can be paired with an inflatable catsuit for full-body bondage play. However, it can also be enjoyed even by those who are not themselves inflation fetishists, because of its effectiveness in cutting off the sight thoroughly and entirely.

Most blindfolds are inflated via a small hand pump attached to a tube or hose (a similar apparatus to that used by doctors to tighten blood pressure cuffs). Make sure to maintain communication with the blindfolded partner at all times in order to ensure that the eyes and especially the temples are not experiencing too much pressure, as this can cause irritating headaches which persist even after the play session has concluded.


The ""Special Access"" Inflatable Catsuit


The standard inflatable catsuit described earlier in this article can also be found in a number of variations collectively referred to as “access” or “special access” inflatable suit. As the name implies, these suits feature zippers, slits or holes which provide the non-suited partner with access to various sensitive parts of their partner’s body.

The most commonly found type of access suit features two zippers, one which can be unzipped to expose the genital area and one the anus. This allows for manual or oral stimulation or penetrative sex to occur while using the suit to engage in inflation play. In addition, these zippers can be used for more mundane purposes, such as allowing the suited partner to use the bathroom if a play session goes on for a long time (although forcing you or your partner to “hold it” can add an intense new element to your play – the Laidtex staff definitely recommends giving it a try!)

However, it is also possible to find inflation suits which provide access to other areas of the body. For example, a large chest zipper might allow you to stroke or fondle your partner’s breasts, while a pair of small flaps might limit your chest access to only their extremely sensitive nipples. There are even access suits with long front or side zippers allowing you to put on and take off the suit without any assistance – perfect for solo play sessions!

If a “special access” inflatable suit is a regular part of your sexual play, make sure to clean off the zippers and surrounding areas thoroughly after each use. While more and more zippers are being made from plastic, some still involve metal pieces and can warp, bend, or rust if they are exposed to dirt, lubricant, or bodily fluids for an extended period of time without receiving a thorough cleaning.


Other Suits and Accessories

The last commonly seen type of inflation suits and accessories are those inspired by real-life situations in which inflation is used. They are most typically used by individuals with a sexual interest in roleplay, and can help a sexy scenario become even more immersive than ever before.

For example, some manufacturers of fetish gear now sell inflatable leggings inspired by the real life compression leggings used in a medical setting. These leggings put pressure on the legs, massaging them in order to prevent or reduce the severity of conditions such as arthritis and deep vein thrombosis. Medical fetishists will often use these leggings when roleplaying with their partners as, like all inflatables, they limit control and ability to move around freely. While inflatable leggings can be found in classic latex colors such as black, many will adopt colors used in real-world medical garments such as white, pale green or light blue.

In addition, full body inflation suits exist which are modeled on sumo suits, spacesuits, and diving gear. Sumo-type suits leave the head free, while the other two are typically accompanied by a round, solid hood, mask or helmet. As performing a roleplay scenario set in space or deep beneath the ocean requires a lot of imagination, these suits can provide the crucial element of immersion to the greatest degree possible.

If you are interested in using any of these type of suits for sexual play or roleplay purchases, we do recommend that you get one specifically manufactured for fetish use rather than a genuine article. Dive suits and spacesuits in particular are extremely bulky and heavy and can cause the person wearing them to overheat or dehydrate if proper precautions are not taken.


Safety & Hygiene Tips


We close out or exploration of the world of inflation kink with some important reminders about how to stay safe, healthy and clean when playing with your suits or accessories. We’ve asked the Laidtex staff what their number one most important tip or reminder for fellow inflation fans would be, and have compiled the following list based on the gathered results.

  • Always, always, ALWAYS establish a safeword or safe gesture that means STOP before engaging in play. A person wearing an inflation suit is often unable to move or remove the suit on their own. It is extremely important that they always possess the ability to signal for an immediate stop, even if their face and full body are totally covered by the suit.
  • Make sure that the partner wearing the suit is kept hydrated and cool at all times. Being fully covered in puffy, inflated latex can cause a person to sweat a great deal, which runs the risk of dangerously lowering their water level and causing severe dehydration. Keep water on hand at all times during play. If the inflated partner is immobile, the non-inflated one should regularly pause the scenario to help them take a drink.
  • If you are feeling any pain, discomfort, or high pressure from an inflatable suit or accessory, let your partner know immediately and remove the suit as soon as possible in order to identify the problem. While inflatable latex suits are for the most part not dangerous, air pressure against the skin can cause bruising, swelling and soreness if not addressed properly. If your suit leaves the head free, it is especially important to make sure that you can breathe freely and are not experiencing too much pressure against your neck and esophagus.
  • If your suit, hood or mask contains breathing tubes or breathing holes, make sure to clean them out after EVERY play session. This will avoid the risk of the tube becoming plugged by dirt or bodily fluids so that air can no longer pass through it. If you are wearing this type of suit and feel as though you are unable to get enough air, stop play IMMEDIATELY.
  • If your partner is wearing a suit which they cannot remove by themselves (typically, any inflation suit that does not contain a special zipper specifically for this purpose) remain with them and do not leave them alone for long periods of time. Make sure to COMMUNICATE and regularly check in that your partner is doing OK. Some questions you might ask include: are you too hot? Do you need a drink of water? Do you need to use the bathroom? Are you in any pain. Remember, although you’re taking on the dominant role, relationships are about equality and taking care of one another!


Cleaning, storing and repairing an inflation suit can be done in the same way as you would with a more standard catsuit or gimp suit. Head over to our thorough latex maintenance guide here to learn more!

Inflation is a unique fetish which is still not widely known, but it is growing in popularity every day. And while its niche within the wider world of latex might be a small one, the types of inflatable suits and accessories on the market are increasing in number and variety all the time. So whether you’re a long time inflation fanatic or are trying out this exciting new kink for the first time, head over here to our wonderful catalog filled with every kind

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