Masks and Hoods

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Fetish Masks and Hoods

There’s no doubt about it. Latex hoods and masks are popular, not just in the BDSM world, for you can also see them in pop culture nowadays. Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande are just some of the female celebrities who wear these accessories.

But why are these headpieces so popular? It lies in their usage. Wearing a fetish mask or a hood is a big hit because of its purpose. Dominants want their docile partners to wear hooded outfits for objectifying their subs and speech and sensory deprivation.

Likewise, submissives find their Dominants hot when they see their Tops wearing a face mask during sex play. They put it on to intimidate their bottoms and to become expressionless, turning their docile partners on.

Thus, there are many bondage hoods and masks made for submissives and dominants. If you’re searching for a sex mask that fits your needs, don’t worry. This post will help you find the right one for you.

Types of Masks and Hoods

Latex face masks come in different styles and purposes. Some are made for sissy play, while other hoods have pigtails, a ponytail hole, or are open-face, which are found in this collection. Nonetheless, the maintenance process is the same. 

Bondage and Gimp Play

A bondage hood can be a big step in kinky scenes. Once the wearer puts this headwear on, it instantly transforms their look and their role. From a loving partner, it turns the user into a racy slave.

This S&M accessory comes in a variety of designs like a gagged hood or a gimp mask. But for beginners, the recommended rubber hood is the Rubber Hooded Fetish Mask. It allows the Master and their slave to communicate. Meanwhile, the Intense Inflatable Latex Hood is also like the previous BDSM product as it has holes for the eyes and the mouth. However, this one is inflatable, making it a perfect choice for those who have inflation fetishism.

But if blackout gimp headwear is what you want, then this Full Face Latex Gimp Hood is your best bet! It’s a full-faced hood that plunges the user into the world of darkness. Thus, it awakens other senses, increasing stimulation and anticipation.

Breathplay and Sensory Deprivation

Next is a hood made for breathplay and sensory deprivation. This erotic headwear can block the wearer’s vision and deprive them of their senses. In addition, it can prevent the user from speaking, especially if it’s an inflatable ballhood.

If you’re looking for a rubber accessory used for limiting one’s breathing and senses, then this Kinky Latex Breathplay Hood is a perfect choice! With tiny perforations on the eyes and little slits on the nostrils, it would let the wearer barely see anything or breathe some fresh air. And with a plaster on its mouth, it will keep the user’s mouth shut throughout the play.

Gas Masks

If ordinary hoods don’t excite you and your partner anymore, you should level things up by wearing a gas mask. This sexy headgear can also be used in breath and sensory play. It blocks everything, forcing the user to listen to their thoughts instead of focusing on their surroundings.

However, it can also be a fetish. Fetishists may like this because of the gear’s shape, mystery look, breathing sound, and so on.

If that’s what you want, this Natural Latex Gas Mask Hood is the one you should get! With its two small eye holes and a hose, it would let the sub barely see or breathe.

Cat and Animal Masks

Not all masks are creepy or frightening. Some look as cute as a bunny, a pony, or a cat. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then these masks are for you. Wearing an animalistic hood will change the user’s persona in an instant!

Take this Kinky Latex Catwoman Mask as an example. This Catwoman headpiece will bring out your catty side. But if you want to look like a playful rabbit, this Tease Me Rabbit PVC Mask is the one you should get! It has long bunny ears, making any wearer look cute yet sexy.

Mask and Hood Materials

Like in other collections, the accessories in this hood and mask collection don’t just come in black and white colors or are made of rubber. Some are PVC-made and chlorinated since not everyone can wear latex due to their skin condition. Thus, these are perfect replacements for natural latex because they have the same shine minus the risk of allergies.

More Options for Your Look

Congratulations! You’ve finally picked the mask for your kinky scenes. But if you want to spice up your look even more, you should check this Dominatrix and BDSM collection out! It has everything you need for your erotic games. Also, browse this latex care collection to maintain your accessories’ shine. Just don’t forget to add them to your cart!